Sunday, September 4, 2011

provo perks

there are some perks to living in provo. i need to be more positive- there are many perks. one great one- the brunson family. I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! i have for a while. remember this.....

"just the two of us" -will smith
then they (aka y chromosomes) came along.
then things got serious for two of them. who knows what happened to that other couple.
two is better than one.
then they were newlyweds. 
for 5.4 seconds!! 
and now this is my favorite brunson. i thought i loved kelly and lance. but reagan is a whole other field!
she loves me too! it's mutual!!! baby baby baby!
i love being in provo with the clan! kelly brunson!! i'm glad she'll be here for me through it all- she's not allowed to move till i leave this state. 
ps it's just been discussed that brent will sing at my wedding just like he sang at kell's! holla! check out his website. it's lance's dad who impersonates george strait! he is legit!!
yeah we're mature. an rm and a mom! 
i love it! spending sunday afternoon having lance cook for us.... like always. and chillin with the fam. ps kelly was in charge of the garlic bread. it's burnt! great!! ok enough! gotta go live life and not just blog about it.

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