Thursday, September 1, 2011


so this is all overwhelming- being back in utah and all the rekindling and starting new and hopping back into it- a lot of verbs going on!
but one great thing about being back here was HOW i got here. hilarious!!!! as you can imagine. 2 young crazy girls roadtripping it 26 hours by themselves is going to be fantastic! so let me just narrate some with pictures so you don't fall asleep.
obviously 2 weeks 24 hours together is going to be impossible to blog about it all but i'll give you the highlights :) taryn just left me yesterday and it's weird to be alone- a private room is nice :) esp since once you're married you share forever.... well unless there is marital problems but that's not the kinda private room someone wants. ok let's get back to our roadtrip story!
who knew how close romania was!!!! we had to take a pic :) 
what is this a picture of you ask? OH SOMETHING THAT OCCURED THREE TIMES!!! you see, i was driving, and it was taryn's job to get the snacks, adjust the music, text reply back for me, apply chapstick to my lips, etc...... something that went along with this responsibility was often digging through my purse- and this is what she does?? dumps it over and over again! once she even said, "it's not that bad, only like............ ok everything fell out." and another time the bag is already upside down and i tell her to just leave it, she thinks she can salvage it. WRONG when she reaches to go turn it rightside over...... even MORE stuff falls out. it may not seem that funny but when you've been driving for a billion hours and you are loopy- everything is hilarious. almost wrecked from tears of laughter blinding me.
 and then..... a couple hours later. she does the same thing. with a box of wheat thins. i actually just vacuumed out my car today (2 weeks later) and i found many of wheat thins under the seat. oh love that girl. ps after they were all over the carpet, the ones she did catch she put them back in the bag. i ate that bag today between class. they were delicious. i'm still kickin' it so i guess my car carpet is pretty sanitary.

there were many times our life felt threatened during this road trip:
*plastic bag flew at the window and covered my vision for a dangerous amount of time
*a bird flew into the windshield. idk if i killed it, it looked like it was still gliding along- aka prolly floating to it's death. it "wasn't flying. it was falling with style" what movie?
*there was a creeper van with 2 fifteen year olds that wanted our bods and we couldn't get away from them fast enough. they were with us for a good stretch of the journey! luckily they turned off before Albuquerque... good thing they didn't stay at our hotel- oh that's a whole other story of danger.
*there is a little dust/windstorm that looked like it could take out a whole trailer park- it actually was quite frightening
*we got a baby tornado on camera in our rearview mirror at one point- YIKES

we stopped at every state line :) we still made good time.
it felt good to finally get outta texas!!!! texas is sooooo large- majority of the roadtrip!
i make taryn's dreams come true by helping her accomplish her "walk to remember" goal of being two places at once :) you're welcome!
this is a lovely picture of me sleeping. we stayed overnight in Alburqueque and at one point we go out to the ice machine and this dirty racial man with a white tee to his knees pops outta nowhere and scares the poo outta me and taryn as asks us "wanna buy a 30 pack?" 
who buys beer in a 30 pack? 30 packs of weed? what is going on here? i wanted to say "fool, i'm 22. i'll buy my own if i want!" but we were too frightened to acknowledge him at all so we completely ignored him like scared church mice...... we went the long way back to our room to make sure he wasn't following us! yikes! and then the next morning we left at 4:45 am and we saw a prostitution exchange. SKETCH!! what goes on in navajo land? ps this pic...... so i put on the tv and i say good night to taryn. she asks me for the remote so she can turn the volume down 30 seconds later..... i'm already out. you don't mess with me when i decide i'm going to knock out asleep! REM sleep can come over me at any time i choose. a blessing i'd say :) hahahaha.
taryn had so many funny one liners!
as we're entering utah, taryn says "it's okay if we break down from here on out because all that will pass us is a bunch of nice Mormons!" she snaps this pic "Oh a mini van! How unpredictable! Classic!"
this picture is significant you see. i'm about to make some big commitments soon..... and one of those MIGHT entail that i have to (get to- whatever your word choice) live in Utah for a very very long time. So i'm kissing the Colorado ground! Before I enter my fate into the beautiful state of Utah.
At one point.... we're trying to travel up to Price to Provo and I see a sign that says "Salt Lake" exit now. So in my mind I think that Salt Lake is one way and Provo another exit [like i15 is in the valley] (but we were still in southern southern southern Utah!) and so i see the sign, wave at it, and say "See ya Salt Lake" and keep going on. About 10 minutes later I tell Taryn to check our coordinates to see when my exit is coming up...... oh yah. it's the one i said "see ya" to. embarassing. missed the exit i acknowledged. 20 minute detour of the desert was nice :)

As Taryn was driving the windy roads of the MOAB canyons..... she was driving me nuts. and i'm a BAD backseat driver. i'm telling her if she wants to pass to gun it, if she doesn't- stay outta the way, etc. etc. and finally she just yells "SHUT UP!!!!" (now in my family we don't say shut up so i thought oh snap she's gonna kill me) and i was silent for like 2 minutes (which is a long time for me) it was a hilarious moment!!! sorry T!

p.s. roadtrips are rough on your bowels. well not really me because i'm special but just ask T :)

p.p.s. so the desert is BIG! do you know how many hitchhikers we saw when there weren't towns for two hours either way! What the? like at least 20. it was sooooo crazy!!!! good thing we never broke down. little suzuki did so good! what a good girl!
along the whole drive from alburquerque to provo we kept passing and getting passed by this same trailer of horses! of course i kept quoting OVER AND OVER AGAIN "we're sharing the road with show horses!" name that comedian?

some funny moments in Provo: taryn is dancing all crazy in the car. 
She says, "I bet they're all like look at that white girl!"
Me: "This is Provo. No one is thinking 'white' girl - everyone is white. That's all there is. Just prolly thinking look at that girl!"
Taryn: "Good point!"
That's how most of our converstaions go :)
Also- the second or third night we are in Provo, I decide to take Taryn up to squaw peak- woah woah woah it's not what you think!!! I just know she loves the lights and the pretty view from the mountains. So we go..... and we run into the most random old friend, paul- if you know him you do, if you don't you don't. but it was sooooooooooooo hilarious. we laugh about it often and i love how ppl guess who i saw up there when i asked them! We're just sitting there talking and looking out at the lights. Then i hear this STRONG british accent and talk of Singapore and SLC mission...... WHAT THE?? hahahah this is us taking a picture, giggling about our discovery! Provo- wow i'm back in such a small world. Idk how i feel about this- a little overwhelmed. I get overwhelmed easily these days- can't compartmentalize as well. Don't like to be alone for too long- i used to love it. Maybe I'll never really adjust- maybe that's why ppl get married so quick after the mission- to have a 24/7 companion again. A mission has really changed me. 

Another story: Taryn and I go get a pedicure. We are leaving Chase's house in Bdale and i ask her where her shoes are.... taryn: "oh i just like to be close to the earth" she smartalicks as she is assuming her shoes are in the car. we get int he car. drive to go to dinner with some friends. she turns to me "where are my shoes?" hahahahahhahahahahah oh how the tables have turned. she left the at the nail place but at the time being, we had to run into tj maxx and get her some shoes. 
another funny part is the previous day shopping at the outlets in park city we saw some chic barefoot buying shoes in a store and we mocked her. hahahahaha life lesson!! don't judge- becuase one day it will be you! lesson learned! hahahahah
Also Taryn came to class with me on Tuesday. She sat in my RM level French class for five seconds, got scared they would ask her to introduce herself in French and booked it outta there. Well she didn't have her phone. Went to get a drink. Class got out. I couldn't find her. LONG STORY SHORT- she ended up finding the car parked blocks away from the south of campus and we found each other an hour later. literally a miracle! JKB to a couple blocks south of campus. idk how she did it!!! i looked in every building i thought she coudla wandered into. i finally gave up and headed back to the car just hoping she would find her way somewhere safe.... and there she is standing by the car and comes sprinting towards me all freaking out cuz she was lost for so long. hahahahahahhaha. miracle!
we had the brilliant idea to visit the Salt Flatts....... little did we know it was 3 hours away. we drove 1.5 hours and then decided to give up. but of course we got out in the middle of nowhere and took a picture of our mini-roadtrip that led nowhere. hhahahahaha.
of course a trip to Utah wouldn't be complete without an alpine slide run in Park City :)
we were so blessed to have Stephanie Clark Nielson be speaking the very week Taryn was in town. She had a girls night out tent party, too! So great!!! Inspiring!
we hiked the Y and were SUPER proud (the good kind) of ourselves. everytime i do it, i wonder why?? fourth time! i'm sure i'll do it again even though i swore when i was up there i would never do it again. i'm such a baby. 
good thing i went to the gym for the first time in a year. get my butt back in gear!!
we spent the weekend up at Laur's cabin and it was great fun and it always brings clarity! love you two girls!
i'm glad tar got to meet some of the most important ppl in my life- laur and kell for sure! chase soon :)
i love this pic! what a cool carwash! 
exxon has fancy soap :) and i love the wire heart chase made me hanging so beautifully! brazil is fancy, too- high tech stuff like wire!!! 
but this carwash scared the POO outta millie. i was babysitting her for the day and i thought she would be captivated by the carwash- more like she thought we were getting attacked by aliens. poor baby!! i love that baby. she is the cutest thing since i was a baby......... oh wait NOT a good comparison.  i was a frightening baby as kelly reminded me.... in front of elliot. thanks! pls see old posts to understand.

hahahah but honestly millie is soooo precious!! ok well this blog post is going on forever!
longest post ever! can't believe i'm still talking!

basically i love taryn. i loved our roadtrip. and i love our pocketfull of memories!!!

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i love every bit of this. chapstick part got me. WE'RE SHARIN THE ROAD WITH SHOW HORSES!!! love you!