Friday, September 30, 2011

a keeper

today was a great day. i'm utterly exhausted. just got home from work. should be at the byu football game- the first home game i've missed.... (besides when i was on the mish- those don't count).... i feel guilty but i'm too tired. i could prolly curl up in bed and sleep till morning. utterly exhausted- like i said :)
ps where does the word utterly stem from? utter? so as in..... milked dry? like what's going on with this english language?
oh speaking of english language- aka french language. didn't do so bad on my first french test- and beat some of those cocky RMs. i know its not good to compare but i basked in my victory.
"I learned French when serving in Switzerland...."
"well on my mission in Paris......"
" you know in Belgium, which is where i served my mission, French was....." blah blah blah blah
anyways- i am sooooo tired. woke up at the crack of dawn- that never happens but i need to do better at waking up earlier in general.
spent an amazing time with the wilders at the slc temple. my family away from family at my home away from home :) so great just sitting in there after the sesh with michael just talking, discussing, and sharing things we love and know! i love him :) i'll prolly write more about him becuase we're going to conference sunday. i do wish uber much that amanda was in town as well. but michael day was amazing nonetheless.
just wanted to announce that today was one of those days- a keeper! ones that you hope the angels don't forget to write in your book. because days like today matter :)
he's known me longer than almost anybody i've kept in my life. he knows me better than most, too! 


Megan Morgan said...

Your blog posts make me SO happy! Miss your craziness :)

Kelly said...

utter vs udder. not the same word. miss you. lance is leaving me tomorrow. please come over.