Monday, September 19, 2011

THE weekend

this is a weekend i look forward to all year. it defines a lot of who i am, how i decide if it was a good season, and why i am so depressed/fiesty for days on end. usually this mood/vibe wouldn't last more than a weekend but after a butt kicking/massacre/annhilation as was this weekend.... it could be extended. i don't want to go into much detail because i have had two nights to sleep on it and need to bring it up as little as possible so i can move on. but i will share the small moments of happiness that did occur THIS weekend. THE weekend of all weekends. oh byu- i still love you, even though you made me emotionally blue. 
so on friday, i went to dinner, video games, photo booths, and movie time with dallin, lauryn, geoff, and nicholas. hence.
oh how i love my cousin!! it's her birthday week! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEAUTIFUL BABE!!!

then  i slept at my anderson's house and had some great moments in the morning with ciara.
and spent all morning "helping" chase with his byu application essays. he's gonna be a cougar- dream come true :) but after this weekend i wouldn't even blame him for changing his mind. i will never betray and turn my back on byu, but his loyalty is already wavering/non-existent.

after applying to byu was settled for chasey baby, i went to kelly and lance's!!! and we got intense....with ticket to ride. i feel like me as third wheel is often the reason for many of my married friends fighting. and this occasion was no different. kelly was about to punch a puppy she was so mad. lance and i kept accidently blocking her. at one point, lance retracted his last move becuase kelly was so ferocious and threatening! hahahahahaha. i thought it was freeking hilarious!
we kept getting distracted the whole game with laughter, heytell'ing, and watching THIS clip. we love it!! backin' up backin' up backin' up!!!
p.s. for all you men out there (aka lance and dad) you must be color-blind! because you assume that this track is PURPLE.... absolutely not. and this proves it! kelly's PURPLE blackberry and my PINK iphone..... which color does it more resemble? PINK!!! that's right. it's settled. i will not hand you the card unless you call it by it's proper title- PINK!

before i left for the game- i got a picture with my little godbaby :) reagan!!! isn't she the cutest little brainwashed cougar baby ever!!!
kelly and lance are the best parents to raise her right! rise and shout! i'm teaching her the fight song. she almost has it down!

yeah i stole one of her bows for the game. like taking candy from a baby. we match :)

so this pic is to solely show off the AMAZING seats we had! and they're rotating- so what are the odds we get ROW FOUR for the utah-byu game. even though it gave me a painful seat for a beating- it was still where i want to be for the u of u game!!!!! i love you cougars- this friday will be better. it can't be worse :) cheer on cougars of BYU! rah rah rah rah rah go cougars!!!

some of my group pepes :) lj and her beau weren't in it! friday i'll get a pic with them!! i love byu because it brings my life of growing up all randomly- all together!!! love y'all!

and we were right next to George Q. and got to see the cannon being pulled. remind me of the good ole days, kell! and...... jimmer walked by and he was touchable! AND cosmo walked by and addison was trying to get his attention. succesful. i told addison to take his shirt off and ask cosmo for a "i fired george q. cannon" shirt and he did it! and he got one for free! work it! and addison gave it to me! suh-weet!!!!!!!

my beautiful c. anderson slept over in ptown after the game! i officially converted her to wanting to go to byu. she kept asking me throughout the night, "what's wrong?" and i kept shouting "are you seriously asking me that?"
she got a glimpse at how TOO seriously i take byu football. hahahaha.
my friend txt me after the game.... "at least the gospel is true"..... he has a point. but it didn't console me. hahaha oh byu!

had a crazy sunday morning. i won't go into detail but i'll tell you if you ask. hint: it consisted of me cleaning up something fowl and puking and then having to clean up the fowl thing and my puke. lose-lose situation. but it feels good to serve and be selfless. 

and then later sunday... i had a mission reunion. not gonna lie- it was hard. people asked me too many questions and brought up going home early for medical reasons.... but it was overall good and wonderful to see everyone and feel the love and comradeship. 
i didn't get any good pics of the whole RM group but i did get a pic with LJ :) [aka best trainer in the world] i love you, ali!! so good having our talk. you are the best! 

and then a good night of hit or miss with my anderson family! i'm getting them into games. i cannot be apart of a family that doesn't feeds off games! it's gonna be a great christmas break :) 12.5 weeks!!!

i stayed up WAY too late.... texting, heytelling, giggling, and chatting away with ciara. i feel most bad for her. she had to wake up at the crack of dawn- well no early morning seminary but high school is still too early for my liking. she has my sympathy. 

i still got woken up fairly early. 7:30 am.... with a baby thrown at me as i'm still in REM sleep. then chad booked it outta there and i'm left with a crying baby to babysit. hahahaha. but i turned on cartoons (only could find them in spanish- she didn't mind) and i got all my homework done :) now some bday shopping for some of my chicas and a fun night with brad. haven't seen him in forever. literally. i hope i can recognize him. i'm sure it'll be great and minimal awkwardness. hahahah. what a great/horrifying weekend :)

ope just found these beauties on the andersons' desktop. cannot resist. 
since he is 14 yrs old here and has lost 60 lbs on his mission..... he prolly looks more like a baby child in this pic than my memory remembers him as.
yeah his pre-mi days. hopefully he comes back a better man ;)
dec 24, 2009.... gonna be an even better christmas eve this year
looking forward to these days again. as you can tell. 
his way of telling us in brazil he is outta toothpaste. CUTIE.
the best work! the best man :)


Kelly said...

i dont punch puppies. and why did you need another george q shirt?

Lacey and Phil said...
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Phil, Lacey & Gabe said...

Hey hey! This was our Ticket to Ride weekend too. We played 4 or 5 times and Phil beat me every single time - grrr!