Friday, October 28, 2011

birthday number one

today is birthday number one blog post :) it's this guy's birthday!!!!

i love you, elder anderson. (on the right in white ;) he looks good like that!!!)
it's been a blink of an eye in our eternity :)

the big 22!!!! you've finally caught up to me! i'm still your cougar though ;)

i can't believe THIS was only two years ago- to the day! it feels like it was six years ago!

birthday number two is coming up :) on sunday- my beautiful mother. still clinging to the 40's :) i'll write a blog post just for her then!

today i have the privelage of doing some millie and elsie time :) i'm excited!
i've got laundry and homework on my plate till then.
next week i swear i'm going to do the gym hardcore- this week i just used my deathbed as my excuse every day :) and this flu is contagious like a yawn! the whole anderson family and the whole anderson neighborhood and others have been infected. yeah sorry about that!
hopefully i can get up there today so i can get my letter that's waiting and watch 17 miracles :) with my beautiful anderfamily!
because of my sickness i didn't make it to the temple this week and it hurt- i need it. i can't wait to go next week. i love that holy home. i swear i'm more unstable. hahaha- it's all mental or it's all heartful or spiritual- wtv it is- it's abstract and real!

this morning i've teared up twice because i read two blogs that broke my heart.
one was reflecting on tragedy that has turned into a beautiful heartbreak.
and the other- i could sense she was going through her heartbreak right now and wasn't quite at the beautiful part yet.
reading and reflecting on these- it was a big moment- i had to think back at my own life and count my many blessings. especially the 7.5 week blessing coming up. health. my healing life. my growing family. my mission. my post-adjustment mission. my education. my needs met. my lessons learned. my repentance continuing. my rock. my testimony. and just everything.
life is beautiful and whether we lose perspective for a second or not- we will be okay. this gospel is beautiful and is the only and most reliable source for that beauty!!
p.s. one last rant- from being sick i'm still in this one tree hill marathon and i just think what all these pop culture shows would be like if they knew the whole plan of happiness. ha! it'd make them even more beautiful, happy, and full of love- even the cheeseball kind of love!

well back to the purpose of this post. Happy Birthday, CHASE!!!!

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