Monday, October 24, 2011


i hope you pronounced that word properly. aka like megamind. Mul-on-ku-lee!!!
Today i have been feeling melancholy. Ok that's an understatement.
Not emotionally melancholy but physcially melancholy.
I've been sick! A different kind of sick. You see, Garrett and Millie just got back from Houston. When they were there, my whole household got the 24 hour flu. Pain and grossness coming out of both ends and just pure misery. Well this weekend I babysat Millie (overnight at the Andersons- yah my life is funny) and it seems I got the bug. I woke up today and wanted to die. I'll spare the details but it was guh-ross. I spent the whole day in bed, watching One Tree Hill on dvd, and working on Chase's Christmas presents. I always brag about how high of a pain tolerance I have- well today I wasn't too impressive in that category.
At one point in the afternoon, I went on an errand/favor for Paul and I had to pull over and puke on University Ave. That was embarrassing. If you saw someone in a red toyota pull over and puke out the driver's door- that was me.
Then we went to the store to get some sprite and soup- had another blow out. Just exploded from every exit in my body- TMI i'm sure..... but i'm just relaying how horrifying my day has been.
Luckily the 24 hours are coming to an end and tomorrow will be a new day. Let's hope :)
Some good things about today-got my homework done, got some Christmas done, lost some weight, and skyped the beautiful Taryn. hence

sad thing about today- i was supposed to have a lovely day with kelly. 
another way reagan has changed our lives- she is too susceptible to sickness so i was band from spending the day at kelly's. it's a sacrifice i am happy to make to protect baby but normally i would just breathe all over kelly and not think twice. 
eh well- at least i'm still alive. 
being sick like this stinks- i would take being chronically ill (oh wait. check! wish granted) than experiencing a sickness like this a couple times a year. it's horrible. 
well it will help me remember to pray with gratitude for my health the next couple days- and then in a couple weeks i'll have forgotten how horrible being sick like this is and say i was just being a big baby and prolly neglect that gratitude part in my prayers. 
man, being a human is so full of shortcomings. i'll work on that!


Kelly said...

you are a good friend. paul is a bad friend. why did he make you leave your house when you were so sick? i hope you are better soon so we can have our bonding time.

taryn said...

ope. just regard the nasty pic of me