Wednesday, October 26, 2011

only 20 minutes

today is a day of miracles!

1. The flu has come and gone. The miracle part being GONE. it took twice as long as the average flu but it's still peaced out!
2. Chase taught a whole congregation of Pentecostals- the pastor invited them right up and those beautiful missionaries testified! wow! Also- it's his birthday friday. and he was a miracle baby and a miracle angel to me.
3. I got a year supply of contacts in the mail yesterday- because i need them but i CANNOT put them in. well i figured if i bought a year supply- that would motivate me to figure out how to unnaturally stick them on my treasured pupils. so i did! it took ONLY 20 MINUTES!!! the last time i tried contacts it took over two hours of failing and i gave up..... only 20 minutes..... i'm impressed :)

also THIS VIDEO impresses me (thanks for sharing misty)
you'll love it. i do :)

soon my heart will be in the same time zone!!!!


Phil, Lacey & Gabe said...

Glad you're feeling better! Too bad you had to puke on University Ave - so public :(

taryn said...
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taryn said...

hahah remember that time i put them in for you? we are too close!
you're welcome for sharing the vid.