Sunday, October 30, 2011

snuggle bug!!!

one of my favorite words/phrases is snuggle bug! i love it. i say it in a super whiney-baby-high-pitched voice and it always initiaties good snuggling! especially with this little guy-
i spent a lot of time this weekend snuggling with jacksie jacks baby jackson! ps his name is jackson. not all that weirdo-ness.
he is my cousin and the closest thing to caleb here and i love him oodles. especially how he kissed me on the mouth this weekend and it was unexpected. hahaha.
and how i riled him up and put him in a super hyper hyper mood and then he got yelled at by mom-weekend-lauryn since his parents are out sailing the world on a yacht being fabulous! he was so hyper. bouncing off the walls and being obnoxious. it was totally my fault. he got in trouble. i felt bad but he wasn't hurt. hahaha. i love jackson- he is my best snuggle bug!!!

also. this is exhibit A on how good baby is at spreading her germs. aka. 13 people in utah (that i know of) got sick becuase of this. we share my water all the time..... and she backwashes big time!!!
SO guilty!! so dang cutely perfect!
i also got to babysit elsie this time as well as mille :) we (millie and i) went to elsie's piano recital and it was fun and halloween themed and elsie was great! i love family!

spent a good amount of time with my andersons like always- thanksfully ciara didn't jump on me in rem sleep this time. i thank you :) you are growing up into a beauty queen babelicious!!! once the boys catch up to your growth spurting crazy height- you will be unstoppable!! xoxox ci ci!
oh man tomorrow i start my two-a-days. aka "operation get sexy for dec 21" plan will be in full swing! gotta get my sexiest! working out. haircut. tan bod. nails did. teeth whitening. the whole works!!! but this weekend helped jump kick my extreme work out mode- i am so sore...... i helped pack up laur and dall for two days and my calves literally shake from being so strained and pushed. they live on the fourth floor of their apartment building and have a butt load of crap. they've only been married a year but it looks like 40 yrs with all the boxes and luxuries they have- but i was happy to help and spend time with friends. haven't spent time with mike in forever.
ps also i had a magical movie moment when helping them move.
i was up on the trailer strapping down the couches and recliner because we were just about to leave and be done for the day. i'm up there, using all my weight to tighten the bungee chord, and SNAP!!! as i'm leaning back pulling- the chords snaps and i tumble to the concrete. but geoff literally catches me in the perfect baby cradle as i plummet to my death. it was a movie moment! thanks geoffrey. hahaha. they are moved out- but next week we move them in to their new place :) more adventures then i'm sure.

i feel very happy today- espeically happy. many reasons. church was great even though my eyelids were drooping the whole time- 9 oclock church is early- even though i wake up that early on normal days- church just makes the sun brighter when you walk out for church.
today was primary program day up in slc valley at the cousins'
jackson- see above pic- did so good and little kids are always so hilarious and entertaining when you put them at the pulpit.)
when they were singing (AKA SHOUTING) about the martyrdom of joseph smith, our whole pew was stifling laughter and trying to not be mortified at them belting about death not conquering!
third hours felt wasteful because they were talking about their wards' safety plans in case of an earthquake or something and who they would call. that's what i get for not going to my own ward i suppose. but lauryn tickled my back and dallin's back all of church- i'm such a third wheel!

i think i feel so happy because i have stability. i've had it for the past two years- it doesn't make sense considering how horrifying some things have been (i'm a planner and my plans haven't gone so smoothly) but i've really learned these last two years to NEVER turn your back on the gospel, hope, and the Lord. that's true stability. i'm proved to myself that i can be trusted and the Lord can trust me- when you lose that trust in yourself and you feel the Lord doesn't trusts you-that's no bueno. but these past couple's been a good growing time for me!
i'm all grown up for chase :)

and lastly- i must take this october 30th halloween eve night to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM- YOU BEAUTIFUL BUTTERCUP OF A SEXY SNOWFLOWER SUGAR RAY PLUM PEACH BABY CAKE WONDERFUL WOMAN!!!!!! happpppppppppppy birthday!!!!!!! i love you. i wish i could be there. but i'll do something awesome for your next milestone birthday- jump out of a cake or something. or not bug you for the whole year. or not bum one dollar from you. or something spectacular.
you are the best mom in the world for me- you are the ying to my yang and "the smoke to my high!" i love you so much and am who i am because of you- i know it mortifies you that you created THIS but you did and i am grateful for you :) i am 2/5 dad (just the way the cookies crumbles !!). 1/5 you. 2/5 just the fiery spirit that only God can take credit for!!!!
thank you for being the opposite of me in the best way! you have every strength i need and all the love i could want. xoxoxoox i love you, mamma sexy pants!!!!! hope you have a great birthday month- it ends tomorrow so take advantage of it.
dad is soooo lucky to have you as his snuggle bug (told you i'd shout that if you didn't give specifics you wanted me to say!!!! BLOG SHOUT OUT FROM THE ROOFTOPS FOR YOU MAMMA ON YOUR SPECIAL DAY!!!! october 30th some 30+ years ago.....the day you fought through the canal, the amniotic fluid was wiped from your eyes, the doctor spanked your booty, grandma mispelled your name, and you took your first breath that was so vital to my existence!!! (p.s. that graphic part was a gilmore girl reference!!) oh mom!!!!I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! i know this is just the birthday wishing you wanted!!! i love you!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Mom said...

I couldn't have asked for a better birthday wish. You are one of a kind and I am so happy you are my daughter!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!

Phil, Lacey & Gabe said...

Oh my heck! I don't even know what to comment on - I'm laughing so hard I'm crying!! :)