Wednesday, October 5, 2011

words of love

right now i'm listening to elder holland's talk. oh man! i know he's talking to priesthood holders- but it's touched me :)
he loves missionaries :) just like me. he understands. the Spirit understands. God understands. hence....
"but for health or other reasons or impediments beyond their control they cannot do so. we publicly and proudly solute this group.we know of your desires and applaud your devotion. you have our love and admiration. you are on the team. even as you are honorably excused." 
what words of love <3
i prolly shouldn't be blogging as i'm listening.  well i am.

also words of love...... it's email day :) you see this blog will soon be OVER RUN with memories and events of chase and i..... in 11 weeks. and eventually, hopefully, cross your fingers, pray, work hard that it will be an official "chase-marissa" blog soon :) so i'll ease you into it and keep his love alive on this blog.

I am dreaming of you regularly now, i miss you tons. i loved conference. 
i loved the talk of elder andersen and i can not wait to start a family with you! i am growing every day so i can be the best husband possible for you! 
i am so happy you went to conference. i know it was hard but the Lord gives us difficulties to see if we are really faithful through it all. we will serve many couple missions, i know its not the same. but stay strong because i love you and the lord loves you so much, have a great week. you're constantly on my mind!
elder anderson 

one reason loving chase comes easy??
when you know the Lord trusts them, it's easier for you to trust them with your heart.

In the words of Elder Hollands, nothing better to say to your posterity than......
In this family, we serve missions!

My family is full of missionary work. especially these two!
in europe then and.... europe, where he is now!

two years ago. when we officially said I.L.O.V.E.Y.O.U.

and now (well after i get off work), i'll be off to do missionary work for those on the other side. jordan river temple this afternoon :) never been to that one! i'm excited :)

ahhhh late for work. really got get ready and run!