Wednesday, November 30, 2011


it's in full-swing! my beautifying efforts. if you know what the acronym GTL means then you can consider yourself cultured.... well pop-cultured that is.
and if you don't know what GTL means then consider yourself better than half of america.

to further educate yourself on just this acronym and not on the whole corrupt pop-world, read on:
Urban Dictionary: GTL

The process of staying fresh and mint. Stands for "Gym, tan, laundry." Must be done everyday to achieve maximum potential. Side effects include fist pumping. Coined by the eloquent Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino from MTV's ground breaking Jersey Shore.
You gotta GTL everyday to make sure you're looking your best bro. If your shirt looks bad it makes the whole product look bad.
So today was a GTL day for me.
afterall- i'm trying to "achieve my maximum potential." hahahaha
day one for the T. 
been two weeks in need for the L (way overdue). 
and finally back to the G.... even though my muscles are already sore from my dance sessions with taryn the past couple days. i've been teaching her how to dance. can't have a lady of mine looking like crap on the dance floor. hahaha. some of it is videoed- i'll spare you the embarrassment and laughter though. anyways. the G- glad to be back in the real gym gym!

Taryn left this morning. It's weird not having her here anymore. I miss her already. 
But life is still great. After work this morning, I did get a lot done. hence GTL and got everything back in order and vacation is officially over.... well at least for the next 14 days! let's get serious! "yah buddy" -pauly d!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

grateful for vegas

This Thanksgiving break was perfection in a beautiful desert warm day!!! I loved every second of it.
[fun fact for you: one of my compies -who was from vegas-  informed me that vegas was founded by mormons. brigham young sent out pioneers to settle many surrounding places and vegas was one of those! i didn't know. i knew about arizona and idaho and parts of nevada but not actual sin city! she then said that the mofia came in and wrecked it all up! hahahah. so what i am trying to say is "thank you, Mormons, for vegas!"]
Sidenote: i just got home from driving home from Vegas and got SUPER carsick with a migraine (why did i have a migraine? a future pic will explain!) and along with having a migraine i was carsick- which always brings puking (good thing i'm so comfortable around the andersons) and nothing was helping. finally julie gave me some prescription drugs (i was scared to take them since i'm on my own prescriptions and didn't know how they would mesh) let's just say i was very relaxed and comfortable. aka numb and in the loving life zone. so the vacation ended on a "high" note. hahaha

this is why i had a migraine. last night we watched insidiuous and bryton was too scared to sleep alone so he crammed in on our bed. i had the worst night sleeping. only time i've slept worse was when i was camping or deathly sick. oh!! but at least bryton was safe. and since i'm a midget compared to everyone else- they think it's reasonable that i get NO space and sleep on a sliver on the mattress aka always getting kicked off. hahahahah. hence- why i got a migraine.
more snuggling with ciara. so many random pics on my phone.

ahhhhh the strip! trying to take a jumping pic in front of ceasar's palace. fail. 
one of my favorite characters on the strip. he kept shouting "doh" during the pic. hahaha.
i love these two! they make me feel young and definitely convince people i truly look and am 16.
i asked this lovely character if he was burning up with heat in there and it surprised me that a big burly black voice of a man said "he**(ck) yes" hahaha who knew spongebob was black!
ciara was looking for a Chippendale for her. the closest we got. he was handsy.
my favorite part of the strip!
next day! sooooo excited for the outlet malls saturday!
spoiled lil baby cake charlotte. four times on the carousel.
love these two! i can't believe i didn't get a pic with jessica. january i shall!

this baby was the highlight of the trip. little preston. so loveable. such a good baby! 

chad took me for a ride!!!!!! i am obsessed with motorcycles. 
the fam out at cheesecake factory. delicious!

i loved vegas and the anderson family. i cannot wait for the next holiday to come. CHRISTMAS!!! super duper busy till then :) blogging 10-4 out! roger!

Friday, November 25, 2011

thanksgivnig loveliness

This week of lovely vacation has been amazing! I have NO time to blog but I will do what I can quickly! I'm with the Andersons right now in Vegas. Taryn decided not to come. I've been in love with Vegas ever since two years ago. The first time I came to Vegas I wasn't all that impressed- but when I came with Chase two years ago- i fell in love with this place. The greatest memories :)
and this time is no different! Oh so much to be grateful for! I hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving I did! Yesterday I made a big breakfast for the whole household because Julie and Jessica were out buying groceries for dinner! It's a lot of work to cook for nine people! But delicious sausage, french toast, and eggs! Then we cooked all day for our feast- took a break to see Arthur Christmas (SOOO funny- i loved the woman joke about them not being able to read) and then got back in time as the turkey was done. It was a delicious feast. Julie is one of the best cooks I know and Chase's brother, Chad, went to Cordon Bleu in Vegas and is one of the best profession chefs! He works at the best restaurant on the strip. Anyways- it was a delicious day. We then played games, watched movies, let our stomachs rest, then stuffed our face with delicious pie!
Did I even go to sleep? NO because we were out the door at 11:30 black friday shopping! Sooooo good not to work retail this year! holla! we hit up kohls, fye, the mall, etc. I'm going to Kohls every year! They had killer deals!
We got lost in the car for an hour coming home and it was hilarious. You know when you are so tired and haven't slept in forever- everything is hilarious to you and you can't stop laughing- that was us last night. hahaha. we finally went to bed and woke up rather late this morning! Now we're hitting up the strip!!! Partyin it up in Vegas!
Oh you gotta love car rides!
Meeting baby preston for the first time. officially my first nephew if the chase plan pans out :)
Black Friday shopping! Makes us a little crazy with attractiveness on the side.
 A great thing about Thanksgiving is that it always brings something I'm most grateful for- my parents wedding anniversary :) 28 years this year! Love you, you beautiful couple!
 Oh just some father-in-law time. davey dave!
Ready for the strip!

p.s. funny story this morning- bryton woke up pissed at me this morning. why? because he had a nightmare. the way he tells it is so funny but i'll try to repeat it.
chase had just got home from his mission and that guy you were kissing at seven peaks (ps the only guy i've kissed since chase has been gone) was over and chase went in the other room and i went to go get some fishing line in the garage. when i came back through- you were on top of him kissing. he saw me come in and pushed you off and you acted like nothing happened. then i went to my room to get something and when i came back you were doing the same thing. you glanced at me and said "oh it's just bryton." and kept kissing. then i went in the garage and was fuming, trying to control my anger. i came back in and yelled at you so bad. "this is jacked up. chase just got home. you had two years to do this all day every day and you do it now.....&##^*$&&(#*$....." then he woke up. 
hahahaha. this morning, i wake up and bryton is holding my hand because he was trying to not be mad at me anymore and remember it was just a dream. hahaha

well on that note. happy thanksgiving! gotta go do my thing and walk the strip!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

pinch me!!!!


you know when you tell yourself- by the time easter comes, it'll be no time. OR once its my birthday it'll be just around the corner! well holy mack-o-role!!! it's thanksgiving break! i'm officially enjoying turkey week!! and from these photos- you know what that really makes me excited about!! pinch me!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

vacay bay-bay!

let's start this post off right
ohhhh yesss this photo puts us in the right mood. hahahahahahhaha i love me some reagan bear!
today i spent 7 hours straight doing homework! i literally sat at my desk and didn't get up. anyone that knows me, knows i am attached to my water bottle. so let's just say i really had to go to the bathroom but i told myself if i get out of the zone, i'll never get my homework done! i finished all my homework!! due until December 2!! amazing! once i get off work tomorrow at 12 i can officially be in vacation mode! i'm so excited for Vegas with taryn and my andersons! i get to meet baby preston for the first time and hug cory and jessica! haven't seen them in almost two years. craziness.
wanna hear some fun facts about my work
  • i love it. i'm obsessed.
  • i can't wear red to work (hahahaha these are my kinda ppl)
  • my bosses are robbie bosco and chad lewis
  • did i mention i  love this job! i love the chica baby who trained me (monica) but her last day was today- bummer! she has a blog. we'll be friends even though we are no longer co-workers. her mish comes home in two weeks and mine in four! we are so giddy together! we clicked quickly. i think she's one of the reasons i love the job so much- introduced it right! big shoes to fill! i'm her replacement!
ps my ipod is on shuffle and this song just came on! i haven't hear this song in forever. i'm remembering how much i love it! 
pss i went to dinner after all my hw was done with paul- that was great actually- i can be a bad friend sometimes. he can be a bad friend sometimes. hahaha but today was great and we're still friends. life is funny sometimes.ppss sorry i didn't come over kell.
ppppps taryn you forgot your tooth brush here....... i hope you will still somehow brush your teeth tonight........taryn has been hanging with her lovely muffin dear in taylorsville today (they went to h&m without me. trying not to be bitter) we'll go again tomorrow so i can compare fashion place with vegas!!! she was MIA today so i could tackle all my homework. it was hard for me to choose homework but the sacrifice is worth it now that i wont worry about it the rest of thanksgiving break! i'll see you tomorrow T!! slc temple tomorrow! photo shoot. other adventures. then VEGAS!!
ppppssss this is her STRUGGLING to swallow pills. i used to be like her. now i swallow 6 pills a day at one time! then belch. its weird that i have to burp or else i get sick. ok tmi. i better go before any more damage is done! HAVE A GREAT THANKSGIVING. you'll prolly here from me in no time. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

let the good times roll

i have had an amazing weekend. right now i'm about to fall asleep in 2.6 seconds but wanna post this. just watched the First 48 with taryn and elliot. good times. also mopped up pizza pie cafe with taryn and got free buffet passes to that place. long story. it was hilariuos though.

oh breaking dawn this weekend! one reason this weekend was so great- there are many!! saw ciara do her thing at brick oven and she hosted us so nicely to our tables. what else? let's let some pictures and videos tell the stories :)
doing a little bit of this and that with t! oh we saw footloose- matinee! i'm obsessed with that movie. saw it with ci and t. ci and me already decided that i'm buyin it on dvd and we're watching it everyday for a week the second it comes out at stores!
after footloose dave got all of chase's boxes down and julie and i washed all his clothes. then i cleaned out his new room downstairs, organized his closet, and set up his room! it's so exciting! 4+ weeks! ahhhh. a month from this monday!
as i was unpacking his boxes, i found this gem. this is 1/5 of the blanket i made him (it's folded up) hahahaha. i am artistic. i know. oh memories.
then i had to check some of my old boxes stored in the andersons barn to see if my peacoat from france was in there. i've misplaced it. and it's such a beautiful coat. i don't know where i put it. i haven't had it since before the mish. i will not give up though! it's somewhere! taryn was watching me climb up there just in case she needed to call an ambulance!
then later in the night, taryn and i went to the byu vs. nmsu game! it started at 8:15 pm in the middle of november so you know we were cold :) but not too bad till the end. we had a thousand layers on so we lasted pretty long! go mighty cougars!
special friends.
her first byu football game!!!
taryn has this great habit of spitting. um.... she's been wearing my coat cuz she doesn't have a winter coat here....... and this is how she shows her grattitude. spits down the side of my coat. oh my heckers!!!
and these videos...... what can i say! we live our lives with catching good blogging material!
like i've said earlier! obsessed with this song! so jet lag!
taryn isn't used to flipping-sign guys! she loved this guy. hahaha. at the red light on our way to watch footloose!!
hahahaha. taryn caught some of my road rage on film!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

tap dancing in class!

it's 3:28 and i am so sleepy! that's how you know you had a productive day. the day is young but i have done so much.
i had work this morning- which i am loving. absolutely loving. then class. instead of talking your ear off i'll just show you some loveliness.
yes that is a fellow classmate TAP DANCING on the desk in my religion class. hahahahaha. the day taryn comes to class with me- of course this would happen!!
p.s. taryn noticed something GREAT about this pic...... please notice the pen. classic mormon tradition. aka spencer and tayor tradition. hahahaha.

and then!!! in my french class- the teacher spoke english the whole time which never happens AND gave us some snippets of his hilarious life story. my french teacher is finnish so that just says a little bit about how great he is.
walking to the car from class! what a beautiful fall day!
baffled by how large these leaves are!
um. this pic is special!! 
taryn and i are sitting watching the First 48 (obsessed with that show. remember?) and eating chinese! delicious! delicious day!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

pillow talk

Right now I am sitting in Dallin's video gaming chair writing a blog. It's way too early for this! I have to pick up Taryn in an hour and need to shower. But priorities! It is freezing in here! Lauryn tells me "I just turned on the heat." No wonder I was a popsicle last night! You know when you are sleeping (but not too comfortably because you're freezing or need to go to the bathroom or are thirsty or something) but you are too lazy to go get that whatever it is you want because you're too sleepy. SO you only sleep three hours mediocricly when you could just take five seconds, go get the water, and then sleep forever soundfully. that was me last night. literally ten feet away were THREE more blankets but i was too sleepy and frozen. and now i find out the heat wasn't on at all! hahahaha. oh man! but let's be honest. i'm just grateful to have a place to sleep. 
this is how they make me sleep!!! 

last night laur, d, and i went to a wonderful thanksgiving feast fiesta at michael's with over 30 people. of course the one single man ends up sitting next to me. everyone else is paired off. classic. he was way nice. i'd give him a chance if this was a year ago. no point at this point :) hahahah. ok so i'm talking to much. this whole post was just supposed to be videos! it's called pillow talk because as soon as dallin left this morning, i crawled into bed with lauryn, showed her something hilarious on my phone, and we just gigled for about an hour. we do that so much! waste time just giggling!!

we are trying to redeem ourselves for how bad we sang this song last time..... fail. but these are hilarious. there are a lot of them. but laughter is good. press on!
i love my pillow talk time with lauryn

this was from last weekend singing happy birthday to dallin. just found it! a keeper!

ahhhhh gotta go get ready to pick up taryn toad!!! i'm excited!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011


oh hey again! long time no talk. false. less than 24 hours ago.
you know today has been a strange day. i have been stressed out of my mind but yet content with knowing these "stressful" situations and decisions are correct. its a weird feeling.
people prolly misjudge me sometimes because i can come off hyper or too wild- but really there is more to me. its only for special ppl to see. this blog has helped me show more real sides of myself. yes most posts are full of laughs but i feel brave enough to write about intimate things sometimes. anyways! moving on. these next couple weeks will be super busy.
i got a new job :) i couldn't last long without a job. it's not that i really need the money now. but i'm a planner and i know soon i'll be poor and married and think DANG i could saved more. so i got a job. i'm working a secretary job on campus at the cougar club aka the football department. yah how could i pass that job up :) i don't really know much about it since tomorrow is my first day but i know i'll love it and let y'all know all what i learn :) don't worry don't worry i won't let some football jock sweep me off my feet. i got someone better in mind! ha i am so full of myself sometimes.
so today i have been thinking of stressful things: future financial struggles up ahead, health insurance decisions that will be crucial once i'm married, throwing a baby shower, throwing a bridal shower (not for the same person duh. this is byu. hahaha), getting school work done, cleaning my house for my house guest, and other things on the agenda!! it will get busy here will quick! don't worry though- i'll always find time to blog. hahaha. esp with all the adventures my house guest and i will create over the next couple weeks. see you soon taryn! bring on thanksgiving! bring on vegas.
now you're more updated on me. i know it's riveting.
ps temple square sister (one of my beloveds) just called and told me my friend from hs is meeting with the missionaries in new york! gave his name at conference. oh i love temple square. oh how i still miss it. oh how i love that missionary work always presses on! let's all do our part! if you have ANY friends that don't live in your ward boundaries that you want to introduce to the gospel or give a bible or book of mormon or dvd! call a temple square sister :) well call from 9am-9pm @ (801) 240-1706

Sunday, November 13, 2011

a night of celebration

today is dallin's birthday. happy birthday cousy!!!!
last night we had some fun for his bday :) the big 23! get it!
after we had a delightful dinner at chili's, lauryn and i let the boys do their thing (aka play tennis in the freezing cold) and we went to walmart (pic above) to get icecream to go along with the cake. so we go home to bake a cake and watch breakfast club (yeah it was my first time to watch that classic and i'm going to teach high school. they're always referencing it in my secondary education classes so i needed to educate myself with this movie.)
so we are in the kitchen and getting out the ingredients....... "where is your cake pan, laur???" ahhhhhh it was at her parents'. what the freaker? i'm looking around the kitchen to see if i can use anything else (checking almost every cupboard)- i find a caserole pan but that will be too thick.... ugh!! so we get back in the car to go to harmons and buy a cake pan.
we pull up to harmons and the 'o' in the sign isn't lit up and for some reason i concluded that it might be closed and it was 7 o'clock!!! lauryn mocked me. apparantely the 'o' was just out. i didn't even wanna go to harmons in the first place. complained the whole way to the car. on the road. in the parking lot. etc.
so we get there and i go to the baking aisle and laur thinks the pans are somewhere else. i was right. i get a pyrex pan and some birthday candles and start walking aimlessly up and down that aisle (not going to other parts of the store) yelling "lauryn" "lauryn" "lauryn"- i was in an obnoxious, hyper mood. and she approaches me....... with the steel-kind of pans...... looks at what i'm holding and says "oh i have like five of those kind of pans at home." WHAT THE FAT CRAP???????????? the one cupboard i didn't chekc apparantely! it's mainly her fault though because as i was in her kitchen before searching for substitute pans she says "i know what i have in my kitchen and i have no cake pan." UH-HUH SURE WOMAN!!!
we came to harmons for nothing. at this point i am livid and want to knock the aisles down in a domino effect!
(yeah my life is hard) anyways. so i'm just being a huge baby and lauryn is embarassed and it was quite hysterical now that i look back at it.
so we ended up just getting bday candles (which we didn't even really need. he coulda blown out their aroma candles) and headed home.
we get in the car half laughing/crying from the situation and i state "i need some jamming happy wedding music to cheer me up" HENCE:

and then the adventure isn't over. we get to the apartment. lauryn makes that face that we all have seen on ourselves or on our friends'...... and no words are said. i just say "YOU FORGOT THE KEYS DIDN'T YOU?" and yes......
dallin and geoff are sweeties and come back to give us some keys then turn around and go back to tennis but oh man!!! what a night!!
it didn't end there. we then played the most hilarious games (aka games we made up) airplane leg contests, dog pile contest, human table contest, abc category contest, etc.
then watched a fantastic movie: brigham city. aka it was strange! and the longest movie ever. i swear i got a full 8-hour night sleep and woke up and the movie still wasn't over. i had three dreams and was in serious REM sleep but the movie was not even half over. strange!! hahahaha. what a fun night!
ps the cake and icecream was delicious. worth the trouble i believe!
happy birthday dallin!
now i'm just having laughs with julie, ciara, and bryton!! the andersons' ward is my favorite. esp hodling bryton's hand as we walk down the aisles in the chapel. and ciara laying on my lap as i play with her hair. she's twice my height and just hunched over on the first pew and getting stares. oh man. p.s. tonight is once upon a time! tune in!!
ope bryton just reminded me of something that happened during sacrament meeting. bryton stole a mint that julie was trying to hand to ciara and so ciara punched bryton's left knee sooooooooo hard. pounded it like five times. hahahahahaha. if you know- bryton had ACL surgery a couple weeks ago in that knee and was bed ridden. then upgraded to crutches. now he uses a cane. hilarious. hahahah ciara forgot about all of this and slugged him. it was hysterical and he stifled his screaming hollering pain in the reverent chapel. ok it's lunch time. g2g.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

babies and third wheels

i'm sitting there at 10:56 pm with kelly and telling her we have 15 minutes till our next chance for 11:11 and we can make our wish!! and then.... it's 11:30, i look at the clock and am more ticked than EVER!! i missed it AGAIN. i don't wanna to talk about it anymore. ever.

now i'm sitting here past midnight creeped out because i'm watching "The First 48 Hours." it's a tv show about real policemen trying to solve homicides during the first pivotal fourty-eight hours of the murder. it's intense! luckily none of the episodes have been filmed in the salt lake area or in utah at all for that matter. most aren't west of minnesota. but still. in this dark living room all by myself, watching this, and only my blog to  document the danger- if it just posts midsentence...... come look for me.

tonight/today was a great day of babies and family time!
look at this angel. i put her down for a nap and for twenty minutes she just entertained herself and was having a ball. Then just cuddled up with her favorite blanket and fell asleep. she seriously is an amazing baby!

then i watched crazy, stupid, love for the fifth time in one week
we have lauryn and dallin sesh
then garrett and kristi sesh
then andersons and amanda sesh
then ashely sesh
AND TONIGHT... the kelly and lance sesh
that's a lot of one movie. but that's what i do when i get a new movie- i watch it repeatedly. its a me thing i suppose.

i got to the brunsons abode just in time to put reagan down for bed!! and surprise the kelly and do the dishes (ps i think she will re-wash all those dishes because she's a clean freak and i'm more ehhh about it.)
here are some strange pictures
freaking the baby out!!! but still getting my kisses :)
then she had to fight me off
before baby's bedtime. reading a book and kelly's exact words "what the crap? this book has no words in it" hahahaha she had to make up her own story to the counting animals. reagan with her great posture. entranced!
papparazi! i am always third wheel. loving it :) 

oh man! this show is good. helps me learn how to be safe and pray i never have murder in my personal circle ever in the future. it's too common. even at my young age- i've been too aware of it. let's all get along and love each other! in a healthy, non crazy way!

Friday, November 11, 2011

monkey monkey underpants

my blog title is a reference to gilmore girls. if you are a true fan, like yours truly, then i do not need to explain
but for you common folk- i shall.
loralei is told to write a reference letter for luke's custody battle for april (who is the most annoying character).
loralei is strugglig writing this letter and procrastinating like crazy!
rory tells lorelei "just put pen to paper."
loralei says "I DID THAT and this is what happened..... i started thinking: luke. luke shirt. dry cleaning. clean. bubbles. rainbows....... monkey. monkey underpants!"
gigi laughs
rory rebuttles "monkey monkey underpants?"
lorelei says "you see it's just a big bag of weird up there!"
so that's my blog title
my point is. i, too, have just a big bad of weird up in my brain!
that's what this blog is- a random string of thoughts!

first of all..... i missed 11:11 on 11/11/11 and almost cried. i woke up at 8 this morning and have been doing homework ever since. in ten-minute increments i constantly looked at the clock to be ready to make my wish at 11:11 but then i just got so engrossed in my homework and failed..... and missed it. and almost cried.
cried to taryn actually and she just scourned me even further. now i'm a deep pit of depression. like joseph in the pit without his colored coat.
ok that's a little extreme. but it was depressing!

so what engrossed me? i had to do a weird project for my ipt secondary ed class..... this is part of it- make a mock lesson. it's random:

you don't need to judge my french because i still have many french classes to help me catch up and get better and my teacher for this ipt class doesn't speak french. he is a technology teacher so he won't know what mistakes i made or not!

also did a 10 pg group research paper outline- the actual paper is due after thanksgiving. psh. i hate group work. i'm supposed to learn to love it because as a teacher you should have a testimony of it and put your own students in groups and love it..... but i don't.
it's pointles. this paper is for my persuasive writing class. i feel LESS stress if i just do the whole paper myself and then let them look over it. i trust myself and my work. wow that sounds selfish! but its less stressful! honestly! rather than getting together with two grown men who are less than decisive and try to cumbersomely write as a group. no i'll just make a google doc and write it and they can comment here and there. much better!

p.s. my two interviews yesterday went good and i have another on monday! that's over 4 jobs i've heard back from and if they all offer me a position- well i'll be shallow and selfish again and go for the best paying. oh man! ok also.... i'll look at all of them, their tasks, my interests, and get a feeling about which is best. IF i get hired at any. time will tell.

remember how when i started as a little freshman at byu i was planning on graduating april 2011..... then took off a year and did study abroad.... then took off a year and did a mission..... so now it's april 2013. oh man. how did it come to this? eh worth it :) because i'm in no hurry. if it wasn't for chase, i'd prolly go live in france for a couple years and totally immerse and master the language. but i've done a lot before the old ball and chain of getting married and popping out babies- ok anyone who really knows my tone and views and humor knows i absolutely don't feel like that.... but part of it is true :) every "joke" has truth right? idk if i believe that because i have some serious subconscious issues if that's true because i joke all the time. ha maybe that's the point. hahahaha. i have issues but not with joking.

p.s. i talk in strange circling ways. not many people can follow my conversations. it was pointed out to me that my dialogue with some of my besties makes absolute no sense. there are so many inside joke or hidden references and previous conversations brought back that you don't know what's going on unless you are one of the two dialoguing. i was reminded of this again yesterday when i was texting kelly. hahahahah
exhibit A
Nov 10 8:01 AM
Kely: No email?
8:19 AM
Marissa: Yeah couple weeks ago his mish pres made a new rule that he could only email mom and dad and they couldn't fwd anymore. which makes no sense since he does group email. but its only 5.5 weeks. i can handle it :)
You should probably just give up.
I need a pro con list. Ready go.
Pros: no one will every love you as much as chase does. 
Cons: he's probably diseased and he might fall for a brazilian girl in the next month if he can't email. also, he's not as deep as ******** sensored.
8:30 AM
There are more cons. Dumping him before I get dumped. Done.
Exactly. Protect yourself.
Be forever happy or be forever unhappy. Choice is obvious.
Chase probably wouldn't make you happy anyway.
I'm telling
Those who do care about me so they know they can have me now
9:19 AM
Yes I am aren't I!
PS I got a few stories. 
PPS my interview just went well :)
Yay! I want to hear your stories. Give them to me!
Did you receive them? Sent them through hedwig- he's getting old but still effective
No :( but I did just hear my neighbor fire a gun....
Hide the baby! It's King Herod!
She's a girl....
You think he checks diapers? He's not a perv
Just a killer
Just? Just? What are you saying?
Um which is worse?
9:33 am
.....then there are some blasphemy sacrereligious texts i'll leave out.......
3:19 pm
Tell me your stories!
Ohhhhhhh hedwig :(
Yeah I think my neighbor shot her.....
And when I say my neighbor, I mean me.
He better bet shot otherwise I'm ticked he's taking so long
Hedwig is a girl
Ha you don't know my bird! Did you do a diaper check?
Yep while I was gutting her
 ....................... p.s. there is no coincidence that i'm byu blue and kelly is ute red. we are strange. like i said monkey monkey underpants!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2 hours here 2 hours there

Today I had one of those moments where life felt so full and amazing. If everyday could be like today- well it'd be unfair to have that much perfection. Wednedsays are amazing days- even if me and chase don't email anymore. It's my temple day!
But today's temple day was even more spectacular. We had 2 hours in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple and then 2 hours at the daybreak lake up behind the temple closer to the copperfield mines. it was so heavenly!
i didn't think we'd spend much time up at daybreak lake but it was hard enough to leave after just two hours.
after a beautiful time at the temple. Mary and I met in the fifth grade when we both moved to Singapore the same summer!!! and have been best friends every since. We used to be inseperable and annoy the heck outta those around us- now we have weekly visits and love the heck outta those around us! i'm so blessed to have this semester to go to the temple weekly with her and watch her grow into a great mom! i was in her wedding and soon she'll be in mine :) i love her! and can't wait to meet her baby boy (even though i do love feeling him kick during the whole session every week! he's amazing!!) she's going to be an incredible mother!
hence!! practicing motherly skills! she packed us a nice little lunch/snack! one of the reasons we stayed at the lake so long- we had nourishment!
another reason we stayed so long!
it was a picturesque moment! a great surprise and beautiful scene!
seriously was amazing!!! all these seagulls!!
and some geese and ducks!
felt like we needed to be on a rowboat, reunited with the love of our life, and starring in the notebook! it was so breathtaking!
this part was not so breathtaking..... bird crap everywhere. pleasant.
mary doing what she does best. photography is very big right now! mary's belly is big, too :) but she takes that as a compliment! january will be here before you know it! got a baby shower to throw before then :)
doing what i do best- feeding birds my lunch and getting swarmed pretty soon :) always a kid at heart! today was so amazing! i can't get over it. so many serene moments!

mary taking it all in on our cute bench.

today was amazing! i hope tomorrow will be just as beautiful! i do have two job interviews tomorrow so that's exciting. well i must go to bed because all evening i moved lauryn and dallin into their new apartment and am going to collapse from exhaustion! i hope i have sweet dreams of seagulls tonight!