Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2 hours here 2 hours there

Today I had one of those moments where life felt so full and amazing. If everyday could be like today- well it'd be unfair to have that much perfection. Wednedsays are amazing days- even if me and chase don't email anymore. It's my temple day!
But today's temple day was even more spectacular. We had 2 hours in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple and then 2 hours at the daybreak lake up behind the temple closer to the copperfield mines. it was so heavenly!
i didn't think we'd spend much time up at daybreak lake but it was hard enough to leave after just two hours.
after a beautiful time at the temple. Mary and I met in the fifth grade when we both moved to Singapore the same summer!!! and have been best friends every since. We used to be inseperable and annoy the heck outta those around us- now we have weekly visits and love the heck outta those around us! i'm so blessed to have this semester to go to the temple weekly with her and watch her grow into a great mom! i was in her wedding and soon she'll be in mine :) i love her! and can't wait to meet her baby boy (even though i do love feeling him kick during the whole session every week! he's amazing!!) she's going to be an incredible mother!
hence!! practicing motherly skills! she packed us a nice little lunch/snack! one of the reasons we stayed at the lake so long- we had nourishment!
another reason we stayed so long!
it was a picturesque moment! a great surprise and beautiful scene!
seriously was amazing!!! all these seagulls!!
and some geese and ducks!
felt like we needed to be on a rowboat, reunited with the love of our life, and starring in the notebook! it was so breathtaking!
this part was not so breathtaking..... bird crap everywhere. pleasant.
mary doing what she does best. photography is very big right now! mary's belly is big, too :) but she takes that as a compliment! january will be here before you know it! got a baby shower to throw before then :)
doing what i do best- feeding birds my lunch and getting swarmed pretty soon :) always a kid at heart! today was so amazing! i can't get over it. so many serene moments!

mary taking it all in on our cute bench.

today was amazing! i hope tomorrow will be just as beautiful! i do have two job interviews tomorrow so that's exciting. well i must go to bed because all evening i moved lauryn and dallin into their new apartment and am going to collapse from exhaustion! i hope i have sweet dreams of seagulls tonight!


Mary said...

Marissa!! Ahhh I just love this post! The pictures turned out great :) I need to upload the ones I took. I just feel so grateful to have you back in my life- you know just rekindling. You have no idea how much I look forward to our wednesday sessions. I'll take a heat flash again just to be with Sista Brownie ;). It's good to have a best friend that will always be there for me. Love you so much! We will have to go back to daybreak (It's our new spot)- maybe next time we'll bring hot soup...meh we'll see. xoxo

srichards said...

Gorgeous pic of you in that first photo.