Saturday, November 12, 2011

babies and third wheels

i'm sitting there at 10:56 pm with kelly and telling her we have 15 minutes till our next chance for 11:11 and we can make our wish!! and then.... it's 11:30, i look at the clock and am more ticked than EVER!! i missed it AGAIN. i don't wanna to talk about it anymore. ever.

now i'm sitting here past midnight creeped out because i'm watching "The First 48 Hours." it's a tv show about real policemen trying to solve homicides during the first pivotal fourty-eight hours of the murder. it's intense! luckily none of the episodes have been filmed in the salt lake area or in utah at all for that matter. most aren't west of minnesota. but still. in this dark living room all by myself, watching this, and only my blog to  document the danger- if it just posts midsentence...... come look for me.

tonight/today was a great day of babies and family time!
look at this angel. i put her down for a nap and for twenty minutes she just entertained herself and was having a ball. Then just cuddled up with her favorite blanket and fell asleep. she seriously is an amazing baby!

then i watched crazy, stupid, love for the fifth time in one week
we have lauryn and dallin sesh
then garrett and kristi sesh
then andersons and amanda sesh
then ashely sesh
AND TONIGHT... the kelly and lance sesh
that's a lot of one movie. but that's what i do when i get a new movie- i watch it repeatedly. its a me thing i suppose.

i got to the brunsons abode just in time to put reagan down for bed!! and surprise the kelly and do the dishes (ps i think she will re-wash all those dishes because she's a clean freak and i'm more ehhh about it.)
here are some strange pictures
freaking the baby out!!! but still getting my kisses :)
then she had to fight me off
before baby's bedtime. reading a book and kelly's exact words "what the crap? this book has no words in it" hahahaha she had to make up her own story to the counting animals. reagan with her great posture. entranced!
papparazi! i am always third wheel. loving it :) 

oh man! this show is good. helps me learn how to be safe and pray i never have murder in my personal circle ever in the future. it's too common. even at my young age- i've been too aware of it. let's all get along and love each other! in a healthy, non crazy way!

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taryn said...

first off- millie is a perfect little angel

second off- you should be embaressed about the 11:11 incident. i'm never going to let you forget.