Wednesday, November 30, 2011


it's in full-swing! my beautifying efforts. if you know what the acronym GTL means then you can consider yourself cultured.... well pop-cultured that is.
and if you don't know what GTL means then consider yourself better than half of america.

to further educate yourself on just this acronym and not on the whole corrupt pop-world, read on:
Urban Dictionary: GTL

The process of staying fresh and mint. Stands for "Gym, tan, laundry." Must be done everyday to achieve maximum potential. Side effects include fist pumping. Coined by the eloquent Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino from MTV's ground breaking Jersey Shore.
You gotta GTL everyday to make sure you're looking your best bro. If your shirt looks bad it makes the whole product look bad.
So today was a GTL day for me.
afterall- i'm trying to "achieve my maximum potential." hahahaha
day one for the T. 
been two weeks in need for the L (way overdue). 
and finally back to the G.... even though my muscles are already sore from my dance sessions with taryn the past couple days. i've been teaching her how to dance. can't have a lady of mine looking like crap on the dance floor. hahaha. some of it is videoed- i'll spare you the embarrassment and laughter though. anyways. the G- glad to be back in the real gym gym!

Taryn left this morning. It's weird not having her here anymore. I miss her already. 
But life is still great. After work this morning, I did get a lot done. hence GTL and got everything back in order and vacation is officially over.... well at least for the next 14 days! let's get serious! "yah buddy" -pauly d!


Kelly said...

im so embarrassed that i actually knew what that meant.

taryn said...

i'm not embaressed.
GTL for life.

Laura said...

thank you for the definition...i was one of those uncultured pigs. thank you for morphing me into an American.