Sunday, November 6, 2011

kissing 101

so today i will write about today but i do wanna quickly say this whole weekend was great- friday babysitting millie and then watching a movie with garr and kristi! man i am pro at third wheeling it :) all of us snuggling!
while i babysat millie, my bestie mary (my pregger sexy hot mamma friend!! can't wait for baby boy and for baby boy shower party!!!) came over and it was so fun to catch up! and then we stomped jorgen at sing star.... ok that may be a lie. but it's hard for me to admit when my butt gets handed to me. i'm obsessed with sing star. it makes me wanna buy playstation JUST to have sing star. anyways :)
and on saturday i spent all day with lauryn- literally. like a little leech but it was fun. got some christmas shopping done. converted her to ticket to ride (psych i think she hates it) and watched oodles of friends episodes. finally had a concrete pie from wingers- been craving it for two years! and.... failed miserably at finding overalls- its impossible. i either need to give up or order online. idk what to do. or go to DI and pimp a pair out from there. choices choices. i've been told by many to drop the whole overall idea and that chase is crazy to find them attractive. hahahaha.
um.... so utah was hit with snow hard. and i saw a horse in riverton wearing the strangest winter coat. it was bizarre!!!! it looked like THIS.  maybe this is common to the average joe but it is not to me..... and the coat i saw on the horse had like a fur-trimmed hood. i almost wrecked on redwood as it hypnotized me!
so today is sunday and the day i wanna blog about :) it has been an amazing sabbath. i've had some rough church attendance times this past month from being sick to having millie to oversleeping. but i'm rededicated :) and church was amazing today..... i learned a lot and felt rejuvenated. i had the same feelings of being close to God as i do in the temple- church is important and wonderful :) it was wonderful........
even when dave (chase's dad) was conducting the sacrament meeting and i was goofily smiling and waving (i learned that from my own dad) to make him crack a smile or just be awkward- only dave could see and it's just what we schroedters do- try to get attention randomly!!......... but no dave says "oh hi marissa" in the microphone and the whole congregation looks at me and i'm beet-red. thanks, dave! that's what i get i suppose.
oh you know what i was thinking today. i have two pet peeves that came to mind:
1. i really don't like tattoos on the back of calves. CLICK HERE i actually find tattoos sexy in general (i know call me a sinner) but on the back of the calf- that doesn't look good at ANY age. and it will just look more decrepid over time. bad permanent decision.
2. the next pet peeve is when two grown men are sitting in the front seats and a grown woman is sitting in the back. it is okay if
#1 there is a baby that needs the mommy or
#2 the backseat has no leg room and the man in shotgun is 7 feet tall and couldn't fit in the back or
#3 the man in shot gun gets unruly carsick like me.....
otherwise- what HUSBAND or BOYFRIEND lets his buddy ride shotgun and his sweetheart sit in the back. not okay.
remember how ciara is obsessed with THESE SHOES..... she might spend a fortune on getting us matching ones. i haven't decided how i feel about them yet.
the beautiful Amanda baby cakes Wright came over to the Andersons today and it was glorious. i love when my close friends meet my family or the andersons. two important factors coming together! we had some great laughs. watched a comedy that was edgy you could say. and then played buzzword. the youth (bryton, kaley,  amanda, and me) twamped the oldies (dave and julie) holla. with minimal amount of cheating :) it was so great to see amanda and i hope this becomes a pattern for us- twice in one week :) beautiful thing, people! beautiful thing.
later in the night julie and i played dave and bryton in pictionary. OH MAN that game always creates such laughter. i wish i would have taken pictures of some of bryton's artwork and dave's annoyed/baffled face at how in the world he got such a "gifted" partner. let's just say
girls:56          boys:5 
yah no question there!! i'm warming up the andersons for christmas break game festivity craziness. that's what my fam does and now the andersonds are loving it, too! :) i love gaming traditions (real games not video games)
NOW- i believe the highlight of the night was when ciara discussed how she was going to have her first kiss soon. i reminded her that she said she'd wait till i came home from my mission (the proper date april 25, 2012) and if nothing else until chase got home..... but she refuses to wait. there is a boy in the pic. i should blog shout out his name so if he googles his name he sees this post and is mortified and it scares him off........ except he goes by Mo (yah i think of dwight schrute's brother, too).... his real name is morgan and i don't know his last name. hmmmm.... crap!! ok well anyways- moving along with the story.
so ciara was asking me how to kiss and i was describing some good tips. but she needed a visual. so thats why i told her she had to wait for chase to get home so i could use him to help explain but she wouldn't take that as an answer.
so i grabbed a baby wipe box and went to town. ok not really to town but it got intense.
i gave "the look" to the wipes. put it a few inches above my head (because thats about the height difference ciara will be facing- if it was to represent chase the wipes would need to be a foot and a couple inches above my head) and i let the box come in 90 and i went in 10. it was absolutely hilarious! but i decided i needed to show her what it was like since a man has two lips and not some flat surface box. so i used my thumb and pointer finger. it was painfully funny- pain in my side funny.
julie, ciara, and i were about to pee our pants -it was so funny. julie and i are good teachers with plethora of advice.
like the last one tree hill episode said that i just watched (about brooke and chase [the clean teen]) "when all you do is kiss, you get pretty good at it!" yah chaste mormons are right there with ya!!! anyways- yeah so that was a great time and ciara is now more prepared when it comes to how much pressure you should use, how you need to read his signals, open mouth or not, amount of tongue, to copy their tactics, when to pull back, when to have your second kiss, etc.
i think i might write a book :) with visuals of course! like the one in this collage!
the other pics are of mamma julie, ciara, and baby mills :)


Kelly said...

the lesson you gave to me on how to kiss was much more personal and intimate...

Mom said...

I just think that is way too much information for the public!!!!

taryn said...

i agree with mom.