Sunday, November 20, 2011

let the good times roll

i have had an amazing weekend. right now i'm about to fall asleep in 2.6 seconds but wanna post this. just watched the First 48 with taryn and elliot. good times. also mopped up pizza pie cafe with taryn and got free buffet passes to that place. long story. it was hilariuos though.

oh breaking dawn this weekend! one reason this weekend was so great- there are many!! saw ciara do her thing at brick oven and she hosted us so nicely to our tables. what else? let's let some pictures and videos tell the stories :)
doing a little bit of this and that with t! oh we saw footloose- matinee! i'm obsessed with that movie. saw it with ci and t. ci and me already decided that i'm buyin it on dvd and we're watching it everyday for a week the second it comes out at stores!
after footloose dave got all of chase's boxes down and julie and i washed all his clothes. then i cleaned out his new room downstairs, organized his closet, and set up his room! it's so exciting! 4+ weeks! ahhhh. a month from this monday!
as i was unpacking his boxes, i found this gem. this is 1/5 of the blanket i made him (it's folded up) hahahaha. i am artistic. i know. oh memories.
then i had to check some of my old boxes stored in the andersons barn to see if my peacoat from france was in there. i've misplaced it. and it's such a beautiful coat. i don't know where i put it. i haven't had it since before the mish. i will not give up though! it's somewhere! taryn was watching me climb up there just in case she needed to call an ambulance!
then later in the night, taryn and i went to the byu vs. nmsu game! it started at 8:15 pm in the middle of november so you know we were cold :) but not too bad till the end. we had a thousand layers on so we lasted pretty long! go mighty cougars!
special friends.
her first byu football game!!!
taryn has this great habit of spitting. um.... she's been wearing my coat cuz she doesn't have a winter coat here....... and this is how she shows her grattitude. spits down the side of my coat. oh my heckers!!!
and these videos...... what can i say! we live our lives with catching good blogging material!
like i've said earlier! obsessed with this song! so jet lag!
taryn isn't used to flipping-sign guys! she loved this guy. hahaha. at the red light on our way to watch footloose!!
hahahaha. taryn caught some of my road rage on film!!!

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Kelly said...

pizza twice in one weekend? did you die?