Friday, November 11, 2011

monkey monkey underpants

my blog title is a reference to gilmore girls. if you are a true fan, like yours truly, then i do not need to explain
but for you common folk- i shall.
loralei is told to write a reference letter for luke's custody battle for april (who is the most annoying character).
loralei is strugglig writing this letter and procrastinating like crazy!
rory tells lorelei "just put pen to paper."
loralei says "I DID THAT and this is what happened..... i started thinking: luke. luke shirt. dry cleaning. clean. bubbles. rainbows....... monkey. monkey underpants!"
gigi laughs
rory rebuttles "monkey monkey underpants?"
lorelei says "you see it's just a big bag of weird up there!"
so that's my blog title
my point is. i, too, have just a big bad of weird up in my brain!
that's what this blog is- a random string of thoughts!

first of all..... i missed 11:11 on 11/11/11 and almost cried. i woke up at 8 this morning and have been doing homework ever since. in ten-minute increments i constantly looked at the clock to be ready to make my wish at 11:11 but then i just got so engrossed in my homework and failed..... and missed it. and almost cried.
cried to taryn actually and she just scourned me even further. now i'm a deep pit of depression. like joseph in the pit without his colored coat.
ok that's a little extreme. but it was depressing!

so what engrossed me? i had to do a weird project for my ipt secondary ed class..... this is part of it- make a mock lesson. it's random:

you don't need to judge my french because i still have many french classes to help me catch up and get better and my teacher for this ipt class doesn't speak french. he is a technology teacher so he won't know what mistakes i made or not!

also did a 10 pg group research paper outline- the actual paper is due after thanksgiving. psh. i hate group work. i'm supposed to learn to love it because as a teacher you should have a testimony of it and put your own students in groups and love it..... but i don't.
it's pointles. this paper is for my persuasive writing class. i feel LESS stress if i just do the whole paper myself and then let them look over it. i trust myself and my work. wow that sounds selfish! but its less stressful! honestly! rather than getting together with two grown men who are less than decisive and try to cumbersomely write as a group. no i'll just make a google doc and write it and they can comment here and there. much better!

p.s. my two interviews yesterday went good and i have another on monday! that's over 4 jobs i've heard back from and if they all offer me a position- well i'll be shallow and selfish again and go for the best paying. oh man! ok also.... i'll look at all of them, their tasks, my interests, and get a feeling about which is best. IF i get hired at any. time will tell.

remember how when i started as a little freshman at byu i was planning on graduating april 2011..... then took off a year and did study abroad.... then took off a year and did a mission..... so now it's april 2013. oh man. how did it come to this? eh worth it :) because i'm in no hurry. if it wasn't for chase, i'd prolly go live in france for a couple years and totally immerse and master the language. but i've done a lot before the old ball and chain of getting married and popping out babies- ok anyone who really knows my tone and views and humor knows i absolutely don't feel like that.... but part of it is true :) every "joke" has truth right? idk if i believe that because i have some serious subconscious issues if that's true because i joke all the time. ha maybe that's the point. hahahaha. i have issues but not with joking.

p.s. i talk in strange circling ways. not many people can follow my conversations. it was pointed out to me that my dialogue with some of my besties makes absolute no sense. there are so many inside joke or hidden references and previous conversations brought back that you don't know what's going on unless you are one of the two dialoguing. i was reminded of this again yesterday when i was texting kelly. hahahahah
exhibit A
Nov 10 8:01 AM
Kely: No email?
8:19 AM
Marissa: Yeah couple weeks ago his mish pres made a new rule that he could only email mom and dad and they couldn't fwd anymore. which makes no sense since he does group email. but its only 5.5 weeks. i can handle it :)
You should probably just give up.
I need a pro con list. Ready go.
Pros: no one will every love you as much as chase does. 
Cons: he's probably diseased and he might fall for a brazilian girl in the next month if he can't email. also, he's not as deep as ******** sensored.
8:30 AM
There are more cons. Dumping him before I get dumped. Done.
Exactly. Protect yourself.
Be forever happy or be forever unhappy. Choice is obvious.
Chase probably wouldn't make you happy anyway.
I'm telling
Those who do care about me so they know they can have me now
9:19 AM
Yes I am aren't I!
PS I got a few stories. 
PPS my interview just went well :)
Yay! I want to hear your stories. Give them to me!
Did you receive them? Sent them through hedwig- he's getting old but still effective
No :( but I did just hear my neighbor fire a gun....
Hide the baby! It's King Herod!
She's a girl....
You think he checks diapers? He's not a perv
Just a killer
Just? Just? What are you saying?
Um which is worse?
9:33 am
.....then there are some blasphemy sacrereligious texts i'll leave out.......
3:19 pm
Tell me your stories!
Ohhhhhhh hedwig :(
Yeah I think my neighbor shot her.....
And when I say my neighbor, I mean me.
He better bet shot otherwise I'm ticked he's taking so long
Hedwig is a girl
Ha you don't know my bird! Did you do a diaper check?
Yep while I was gutting her
 ....................... p.s. there is no coincidence that i'm byu blue and kelly is ute red. we are strange. like i said monkey monkey underpants!


Kelly said...

i missed it too!!!!! :(

um i am a bigger byu fan than you. who had tickets to every home game this season and didn't go to half of them because of lame reasons like "im too tired!"? you.

taryn said...

hahahahah i love this