Sunday, November 13, 2011

a night of celebration

today is dallin's birthday. happy birthday cousy!!!!
last night we had some fun for his bday :) the big 23! get it!
after we had a delightful dinner at chili's, lauryn and i let the boys do their thing (aka play tennis in the freezing cold) and we went to walmart (pic above) to get icecream to go along with the cake. so we go home to bake a cake and watch breakfast club (yeah it was my first time to watch that classic and i'm going to teach high school. they're always referencing it in my secondary education classes so i needed to educate myself with this movie.)
so we are in the kitchen and getting out the ingredients....... "where is your cake pan, laur???" ahhhhhh it was at her parents'. what the freaker? i'm looking around the kitchen to see if i can use anything else (checking almost every cupboard)- i find a caserole pan but that will be too thick.... ugh!! so we get back in the car to go to harmons and buy a cake pan.
we pull up to harmons and the 'o' in the sign isn't lit up and for some reason i concluded that it might be closed and it was 7 o'clock!!! lauryn mocked me. apparantely the 'o' was just out. i didn't even wanna go to harmons in the first place. complained the whole way to the car. on the road. in the parking lot. etc.
so we get there and i go to the baking aisle and laur thinks the pans are somewhere else. i was right. i get a pyrex pan and some birthday candles and start walking aimlessly up and down that aisle (not going to other parts of the store) yelling "lauryn" "lauryn" "lauryn"- i was in an obnoxious, hyper mood. and she approaches me....... with the steel-kind of pans...... looks at what i'm holding and says "oh i have like five of those kind of pans at home." WHAT THE FAT CRAP???????????? the one cupboard i didn't chekc apparantely! it's mainly her fault though because as i was in her kitchen before searching for substitute pans she says "i know what i have in my kitchen and i have no cake pan." UH-HUH SURE WOMAN!!!
we came to harmons for nothing. at this point i am livid and want to knock the aisles down in a domino effect!
(yeah my life is hard) anyways. so i'm just being a huge baby and lauryn is embarassed and it was quite hysterical now that i look back at it.
so we ended up just getting bday candles (which we didn't even really need. he coulda blown out their aroma candles) and headed home.
we get in the car half laughing/crying from the situation and i state "i need some jamming happy wedding music to cheer me up" HENCE:

and then the adventure isn't over. we get to the apartment. lauryn makes that face that we all have seen on ourselves or on our friends'...... and no words are said. i just say "YOU FORGOT THE KEYS DIDN'T YOU?" and yes......
dallin and geoff are sweeties and come back to give us some keys then turn around and go back to tennis but oh man!!! what a night!!
it didn't end there. we then played the most hilarious games (aka games we made up) airplane leg contests, dog pile contest, human table contest, abc category contest, etc.
then watched a fantastic movie: brigham city. aka it was strange! and the longest movie ever. i swear i got a full 8-hour night sleep and woke up and the movie still wasn't over. i had three dreams and was in serious REM sleep but the movie was not even half over. strange!! hahahaha. what a fun night!
ps the cake and icecream was delicious. worth the trouble i believe!
happy birthday dallin!
now i'm just having laughs with julie, ciara, and bryton!! the andersons' ward is my favorite. esp hodling bryton's hand as we walk down the aisles in the chapel. and ciara laying on my lap as i play with her hair. she's twice my height and just hunched over on the first pew and getting stares. oh man. p.s. tonight is once upon a time! tune in!!
ope bryton just reminded me of something that happened during sacrament meeting. bryton stole a mint that julie was trying to hand to ciara and so ciara punched bryton's left knee sooooooooo hard. pounded it like five times. hahahahahaha. if you know- bryton had ACL surgery a couple weeks ago in that knee and was bed ridden. then upgraded to crutches. now he uses a cane. hilarious. hahahah ciara forgot about all of this and slugged him. it was hysterical and he stifled his screaming hollering pain in the reverent chapel. ok it's lunch time. g2g.

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