Wednesday, November 2, 2011


it's been decided- december 22 i'm wearing overalls at the airport. chase says they're sexy and he wants to see me in a pair- he didn't say when- but i'll make it happen- his first sight of me- being an obedient lil woman- just the way woman should be. hahahaha.

so today has been a great day. went to the temple with lauryn koski (the cousin), mary moody (the singapore best friend), hailey radford (the newly rm singapore friend)!! it was exciting.
hailey got back from the tucoma mission a week ago tuesday! woah! fresh off the mish :) how exciting! we did a little seshy sesh and had some moments to catch up! we obviously need a different setting too to really catch up and talk deets! i just love the temple. i just love these girls :)
the cousin
mary, baby bump, me, hailey!! 
and..... lauryn and i are on a ryan gosling KICK! oh that sexy man. crazy stupid love. notebook. you name it- we're movie marathoning it :) he needs to be in more movies! chic flicks and comedies please!

i have loved being in blogs lately :) check this out and this out! i'm famous :)

amanda- our brunch date was amazing. see you soon! but not soon enough

kelly-we need a post immediately if not sooner.

taryn- two weeks darling for two weeks!

ok well i have class tonight at slc center and survivor party!

i'm going to have a nephew :) shelby is having a baby boy (well baby is a given!)

my girl ANNIE got home from her mission to birmingham TODAY!!!!! i fbooked her my phone number so hopefully she'll call me tonight :) i'm so proud of you annie not anne!!!! thanks for your example and getting my brains cranking on thinking of a mission for myself almost two years ago, too!!!

the temple was amazing today- i'm having a lot of anxiety about looking towards the future and planning (not chase specific really- just future plans in general) and i feel stressed. i also feel stressed about not working (well payday type working) but i just need to get a hold of myself! i just need to take each day at a time and unwind my tightly sorry habit of being a freak planner! anyways- the temple always helps with stress.

happy halloween and i'm loving the halloween posts. holidays always brings such great posts! none from me this year but halloween was great :)

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