Wednesday, November 16, 2011

pillow talk

Right now I am sitting in Dallin's video gaming chair writing a blog. It's way too early for this! I have to pick up Taryn in an hour and need to shower. But priorities! It is freezing in here! Lauryn tells me "I just turned on the heat." No wonder I was a popsicle last night! You know when you are sleeping (but not too comfortably because you're freezing or need to go to the bathroom or are thirsty or something) but you are too lazy to go get that whatever it is you want because you're too sleepy. SO you only sleep three hours mediocricly when you could just take five seconds, go get the water, and then sleep forever soundfully. that was me last night. literally ten feet away were THREE more blankets but i was too sleepy and frozen. and now i find out the heat wasn't on at all! hahahaha. oh man! but let's be honest. i'm just grateful to have a place to sleep. 
this is how they make me sleep!!! 

last night laur, d, and i went to a wonderful thanksgiving feast fiesta at michael's with over 30 people. of course the one single man ends up sitting next to me. everyone else is paired off. classic. he was way nice. i'd give him a chance if this was a year ago. no point at this point :) hahahah. ok so i'm talking to much. this whole post was just supposed to be videos! it's called pillow talk because as soon as dallin left this morning, i crawled into bed with lauryn, showed her something hilarious on my phone, and we just gigled for about an hour. we do that so much! waste time just giggling!!

we are trying to redeem ourselves for how bad we sang this song last time..... fail. but these are hilarious. there are a lot of them. but laughter is good. press on!
i love my pillow talk time with lauryn

this was from last weekend singing happy birthday to dallin. just found it! a keeper!

ahhhhh gotta go get ready to pick up taryn toad!!! i'm excited!!!


Kelly said...

taryn toad? what a ...sweet... nickname...

shouldnt you be at work?

LoJo said...

you have the most fun blog! I love how I came across it so randomly right before I fell asleep. :) I like how you bear your testimony subtly throughout. It shows what you stand for. I am a host of a Mormon themed podcast and it makes me happy to see blogs like this one! :) Keep having so much fun!