Thursday, November 3, 2011

recent call history!!!

she called!!! i feel like a silly fool with a weird crush or something!!! but i'm so giddy :) well first she gave a missed call and then as soon as i got outta class i called her back last night :)
i'd say annie boo bestie (ps her, kelly, and taryn are the only three that still have weird names in my phone- i've changed just about everyone else) and i kept in pretty good touch the whole 18 months she was gone- even with me changing addresses so much and her being a busy missionary the whole time! i am so proud of her, thankful for her, and excited for her!!! i'm so happy to skype her tonight!!!!!
who is this girl?? has she really been such a close friend? um only with me since june 2007.... my first FIVE MINUTES on byu campus. hahahaha she's been an amazing roomie and friend :) reminder HERE, HERE, and HERE!!!

on another note- today i was having a melt down- like i have been this whole week and it's really quite selfish and ungrateful of me! and today was just what i needed- i've been having the biggest prayer in my heart that i can stop trying to be a control freak and have this negativity leave me- so today i became one step closer to that :) first of all i heard a lot of tragedies today- just the most horrifying things that are going on in people's lives that make you realize you have it good. and it just brings it all into perspective and you think of what really matters- in the aspect of eternity and such!
also... i tried to cling to that spirit i felt in the temple yesterday AND i read the scriptures with twice as much urgency today and prayed with the most open heart i could muster! some people might think of my prayers as irreverent or unconventional but when i pray (ESPECIALLY during my personal prayers) its just a lot of me with a lot of loving and if that means i use humor or pause a lot or have a fluctuating tone or become animated.... well that's how it goes.
i feel better today and i know all my "problems" (aka luxuries to most) will work themselves out! i need to be a better person, daughter, sister, friend, student, driver, worker, disciple, and the list goes on! but i can do this and
a good perspective, a good attitude, and a good relationship with God- well i'm on my way ain't I?!!
ring ring?? is that my skype?! i must go :)

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