Friday, November 25, 2011

thanksgivnig loveliness

This week of lovely vacation has been amazing! I have NO time to blog but I will do what I can quickly! I'm with the Andersons right now in Vegas. Taryn decided not to come. I've been in love with Vegas ever since two years ago. The first time I came to Vegas I wasn't all that impressed- but when I came with Chase two years ago- i fell in love with this place. The greatest memories :)
and this time is no different! Oh so much to be grateful for! I hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving I did! Yesterday I made a big breakfast for the whole household because Julie and Jessica were out buying groceries for dinner! It's a lot of work to cook for nine people! But delicious sausage, french toast, and eggs! Then we cooked all day for our feast- took a break to see Arthur Christmas (SOOO funny- i loved the woman joke about them not being able to read) and then got back in time as the turkey was done. It was a delicious feast. Julie is one of the best cooks I know and Chase's brother, Chad, went to Cordon Bleu in Vegas and is one of the best profession chefs! He works at the best restaurant on the strip. Anyways- it was a delicious day. We then played games, watched movies, let our stomachs rest, then stuffed our face with delicious pie!
Did I even go to sleep? NO because we were out the door at 11:30 black friday shopping! Sooooo good not to work retail this year! holla! we hit up kohls, fye, the mall, etc. I'm going to Kohls every year! They had killer deals!
We got lost in the car for an hour coming home and it was hilarious. You know when you are so tired and haven't slept in forever- everything is hilarious to you and you can't stop laughing- that was us last night. hahaha. we finally went to bed and woke up rather late this morning! Now we're hitting up the strip!!! Partyin it up in Vegas!
Oh you gotta love car rides!
Meeting baby preston for the first time. officially my first nephew if the chase plan pans out :)
Black Friday shopping! Makes us a little crazy with attractiveness on the side.
 A great thing about Thanksgiving is that it always brings something I'm most grateful for- my parents wedding anniversary :) 28 years this year! Love you, you beautiful couple!
 Oh just some father-in-law time. davey dave!
Ready for the strip!

p.s. funny story this morning- bryton woke up pissed at me this morning. why? because he had a nightmare. the way he tells it is so funny but i'll try to repeat it.
chase had just got home from his mission and that guy you were kissing at seven peaks (ps the only guy i've kissed since chase has been gone) was over and chase went in the other room and i went to go get some fishing line in the garage. when i came back through- you were on top of him kissing. he saw me come in and pushed you off and you acted like nothing happened. then i went to my room to get something and when i came back you were doing the same thing. you glanced at me and said "oh it's just bryton." and kept kissing. then i went in the garage and was fuming, trying to control my anger. i came back in and yelled at you so bad. "this is jacked up. chase just got home. you had two years to do this all day every day and you do it now.....&##^*$&&(#*$....." then he woke up. 
hahahaha. this morning, i wake up and bryton is holding my hand because he was trying to not be mad at me anymore and remember it was just a dream. hahaha

well on that note. happy thanksgiving! gotta go do my thing and walk the strip!


Kelly said...

you didnt enjoy your first trip to vegas? im offended

Phil, Lacey & Gabe said...

Busy Thanksgiving! Hope you had fun!