Sunday, November 27, 2011

grateful for vegas

This Thanksgiving break was perfection in a beautiful desert warm day!!! I loved every second of it.
[fun fact for you: one of my compies -who was from vegas-  informed me that vegas was founded by mormons. brigham young sent out pioneers to settle many surrounding places and vegas was one of those! i didn't know. i knew about arizona and idaho and parts of nevada but not actual sin city! she then said that the mofia came in and wrecked it all up! hahahah. so what i am trying to say is "thank you, Mormons, for vegas!"]
Sidenote: i just got home from driving home from Vegas and got SUPER carsick with a migraine (why did i have a migraine? a future pic will explain!) and along with having a migraine i was carsick- which always brings puking (good thing i'm so comfortable around the andersons) and nothing was helping. finally julie gave me some prescription drugs (i was scared to take them since i'm on my own prescriptions and didn't know how they would mesh) let's just say i was very relaxed and comfortable. aka numb and in the loving life zone. so the vacation ended on a "high" note. hahaha

this is why i had a migraine. last night we watched insidiuous and bryton was too scared to sleep alone so he crammed in on our bed. i had the worst night sleeping. only time i've slept worse was when i was camping or deathly sick. oh!! but at least bryton was safe. and since i'm a midget compared to everyone else- they think it's reasonable that i get NO space and sleep on a sliver on the mattress aka always getting kicked off. hahahahah. hence- why i got a migraine.
more snuggling with ciara. so many random pics on my phone.

ahhhhh the strip! trying to take a jumping pic in front of ceasar's palace. fail. 
one of my favorite characters on the strip. he kept shouting "doh" during the pic. hahaha.
i love these two! they make me feel young and definitely convince people i truly look and am 16.
i asked this lovely character if he was burning up with heat in there and it surprised me that a big burly black voice of a man said "he**(ck) yes" hahaha who knew spongebob was black!
ciara was looking for a Chippendale for her. the closest we got. he was handsy.
my favorite part of the strip!
next day! sooooo excited for the outlet malls saturday!
spoiled lil baby cake charlotte. four times on the carousel.
love these two! i can't believe i didn't get a pic with jessica. january i shall!

this baby was the highlight of the trip. little preston. so loveable. such a good baby! 

chad took me for a ride!!!!!! i am obsessed with motorcycles. 
the fam out at cheesecake factory. delicious!

i loved vegas and the anderson family. i cannot wait for the next holiday to come. CHRISTMAS!!! super duper busy till then :) blogging 10-4 out! roger!


Tonya said...

Marissa Jean!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE you!!! Gorgoeus lady!!!! Thanks for being so excited about my blog! You inspired me, and I am NOT trying to flatter you.

Melissa Rampton said...

So I was in Vegas for Thanksgiving, and based on the pictures I think that we may have been shopping in the same mall too! Crazy coincidences!