Monday, November 14, 2011


oh hey again! long time no talk. false. less than 24 hours ago.
you know today has been a strange day. i have been stressed out of my mind but yet content with knowing these "stressful" situations and decisions are correct. its a weird feeling.
people prolly misjudge me sometimes because i can come off hyper or too wild- but really there is more to me. its only for special ppl to see. this blog has helped me show more real sides of myself. yes most posts are full of laughs but i feel brave enough to write about intimate things sometimes. anyways! moving on. these next couple weeks will be super busy.
i got a new job :) i couldn't last long without a job. it's not that i really need the money now. but i'm a planner and i know soon i'll be poor and married and think DANG i could saved more. so i got a job. i'm working a secretary job on campus at the cougar club aka the football department. yah how could i pass that job up :) i don't really know much about it since tomorrow is my first day but i know i'll love it and let y'all know all what i learn :) don't worry don't worry i won't let some football jock sweep me off my feet. i got someone better in mind! ha i am so full of myself sometimes.
so today i have been thinking of stressful things: future financial struggles up ahead, health insurance decisions that will be crucial once i'm married, throwing a baby shower, throwing a bridal shower (not for the same person duh. this is byu. hahaha), getting school work done, cleaning my house for my house guest, and other things on the agenda!! it will get busy here will quick! don't worry though- i'll always find time to blog. hahaha. esp with all the adventures my house guest and i will create over the next couple weeks. see you soon taryn! bring on thanksgiving! bring on vegas.
now you're more updated on me. i know it's riveting.
ps temple square sister (one of my beloveds) just called and told me my friend from hs is meeting with the missionaries in new york! gave his name at conference. oh i love temple square. oh how i still miss it. oh how i love that missionary work always presses on! let's all do our part! if you have ANY friends that don't live in your ward boundaries that you want to introduce to the gospel or give a bible or book of mormon or dvd! call a temple square sister :) well call from 9am-9pm @ (801) 240-1706


taryn said...

since when am i labeled "house guest" ???????

Phil, Lacey & Gabe said...

Crazy week! Good luck with all that!