Monday, November 21, 2011

vacay bay-bay!

let's start this post off right
ohhhh yesss this photo puts us in the right mood. hahahahahahhaha i love me some reagan bear!
today i spent 7 hours straight doing homework! i literally sat at my desk and didn't get up. anyone that knows me, knows i am attached to my water bottle. so let's just say i really had to go to the bathroom but i told myself if i get out of the zone, i'll never get my homework done! i finished all my homework!! due until December 2!! amazing! once i get off work tomorrow at 12 i can officially be in vacation mode! i'm so excited for Vegas with taryn and my andersons! i get to meet baby preston for the first time and hug cory and jessica! haven't seen them in almost two years. craziness.
wanna hear some fun facts about my work
  • i love it. i'm obsessed.
  • i can't wear red to work (hahahaha these are my kinda ppl)
  • my bosses are robbie bosco and chad lewis
  • did i mention i  love this job! i love the chica baby who trained me (monica) but her last day was today- bummer! she has a blog. we'll be friends even though we are no longer co-workers. her mish comes home in two weeks and mine in four! we are so giddy together! we clicked quickly. i think she's one of the reasons i love the job so much- introduced it right! big shoes to fill! i'm her replacement!
ps my ipod is on shuffle and this song just came on! i haven't hear this song in forever. i'm remembering how much i love it! 
pss i went to dinner after all my hw was done with paul- that was great actually- i can be a bad friend sometimes. he can be a bad friend sometimes. hahaha but today was great and we're still friends. life is funny sometimes.ppss sorry i didn't come over kell.
ppppps taryn you forgot your tooth brush here....... i hope you will still somehow brush your teeth tonight........taryn has been hanging with her lovely muffin dear in taylorsville today (they went to h&m without me. trying not to be bitter) we'll go again tomorrow so i can compare fashion place with vegas!!! she was MIA today so i could tackle all my homework. it was hard for me to choose homework but the sacrifice is worth it now that i wont worry about it the rest of thanksgiving break! i'll see you tomorrow T!! slc temple tomorrow! photo shoot. other adventures. then VEGAS!!
ppppssss this is her STRUGGLING to swallow pills. i used to be like her. now i swallow 6 pills a day at one time! then belch. its weird that i have to burp or else i get sick. ok tmi. i better go before any more damage is done! HAVE A GREAT THANKSGIVING. you'll prolly here from me in no time. 


Monica H. said...

awwww marissa!! I'm gonna miss you so much! Don't worry, I'll come visit. :) I'm so happy you got the job!!!! Way to represent!

taryn said...

this isn't embaressing. seriously. i hope everyone knows that nasty burp mid video was YOU. sick nasty. but i love you, see you soooooooooooon