Saturday, December 31, 2011

new year's eve

hahahahahahah she's fiesty!! it's a good time here. love grandma!! and all her kisses and canoodling.

so i'm leaving in 5.68 seconds to my family new year's eve party but i gotta blog a baby bit :) 
ps last announcement for chase's farewell tomorrow. 1 o'clock. Bluffdale 1st Ward!! see ya there.

chase and i have been very busy lately!! and chase has been very tired lately. every missionary knows what i'm talking about when i say tired. but he's been extra tired cuz i've been dragging him every where!! his body has been walking >15 miles a day for two years. it's finally realizing it can break down now!!! hence.
this is him sleeping in south towne outside forever 21 while i took forever to spend my gift card!!! hahahaha. i love post-christmas sales! i love his patience!!
and i've been obsessed with him lately! creeper: twelve o'clock! that's me!

we finally forced chase to go to a gastro specialisits. oh boy how i know all about them. he loved reading the UC pamphlet. as he read: "good to know. good to know.... pause... good to know"
and it's 99% sure he does have a parasite but he's being so stubborn about taking the necessary steps. this is definitely tmi on a blog but its soooo funny. annie came to the doctor's office and i almost peed my pants when i showed her this pic. she didn't come in the room with us ;) even though she wanted to!
chase is all ready for the doctor. ps he's obviously kidding. the room stayed G-rated.
pps he's gained 4 lbs since being home. that's in 1.5 weeks. 
thats more weight than he has gained in 2 years. he thinks he's gonna stay his skinny-self for years..... we'll see :) i don't mind either way. i fall in love with him whatever his size. healthy is all i care about!

besides his parasites. he also has picked up a cold. he is always complaining about the chilly weather. it's funny cuz he is jacob in the sense that he is always warm and his hands are always burning hot. but he has a baby sniffly cold just from this winter (and it's the mildest utah winter ever)
so whenever we're in my car is when he always decides he needs to blow his nose. well..... all i have are clorox wipes. he says it burns. hahahah.

i'm sure you've seen these beauties on fbook. lauryn has fancied up her iphone. i need cooler apps like her. xoxoxo i love how chase entertains my ridiculous requests to be sappy and over the top in love with me :) especially during captured moments on film!

 chase and i have been knocking a lot off our "to-do" list! visiting echo dome was surreal!!! just like a scene out of the movies. i love this boy and all that comes with him (and his dazed look for photos sometimes!) what a stud!!!!

last night i had a beautiful time with amanda and annie!! chase and kyle and conner!!they are all brazil RMs and were lovin' talking in portuguese when they were on a team during a new game we tried: SORT IT OUT. it was pretty fun! they were trying to undermind us.... and it worked.... they did win. curse their secret code!!

oh the andersons are such an amazing family. i feel blessed to be a snug little bug with them!! we are missing a few members :) but no matter how many of us are together- it's always crazy!

julie walks in: "this is every man's dream. playing chess.... with his woman behind him giving him a massage!" hahahahahaha.
what can i say :) i know how to take care of my man!
ps chase lost. but chase did beat me earlier today in chess. curses!! i didn't inherit taylor's genius chess genes.

well we better be off to party it up for new year's!!!! (ps new year's eve was one of the worst most horrible painful movies i've ever seen!)
tonight will be awesome though!! i have some great resolutions for this year :) i think i'll be a pretty happy girl 2012 ;) ;) ;)!! it's gonna be a big year!!! the best year!!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

the game of things...

tonight we had a great night here at the andersons. we had fhe and the lesson was on goals! goals like temple attendance, scripture study, prayer, no swearing, etc. AND one of our goals is to improve fhe. and for our activity we played "the game of things"
basically you have a topic: things you should never say to your in laws
everyone writes an answer. and then you have to guess whose is who. there are some more details to the game but that's the gist of it. it was way funny tonight!
and i'd just like to say that half way through the game everyone had over 10 points and i had 1 point..... then i caught up and WON!!!
some funny moments from tonight:
things that are harder than they appear
         someone's answer: fake boobs
things you shouldn't collect
         someone's answer: used tampons
someway you know someone hasn't grown up
        someone's answer: my privates
something that would make school more exciting
        someone's answer: birthday suit

well today has been a good day. i've been very sick ever since chase has gotten home. why?
  • i haven't been carrying my water bottle around as much
  • i've been thrown off on taking my medicine
  • real life is so exciting it's hard for me to actually sleep through the night
  • eating over the holidays is different than my normal schedule
but yeah. so i was super sick today. thought i'd have to either die or go to the er but i survived. it was still such a good day. why? gift cards. post-christmas shopping. chase scheduled his classes at byu. applying for grants. watched tangled. helped with some remodeling. fhe. life is so beautiful!
i love getting friend request on facebook from tsqaure sisters- i always know when its transfer day because the next day my fbook goes crazy with requests! and chase is getting phone calls and friend requests all the time from old mission buddies. i'm not a big fbook fan but they do have their good qualities! well this blog post isn't too exciting. i better scadaddle off and go kiss my man. laters!!

beautiful double date

last night i went on a beautiful double date with chase. accompanied with his cousin and his date. it was wonderful.
ate at brick oven. ciara was our hostess. we embarrassed her by leaving a poem with her manager and sweet serenades on the table.
then we had a beautiful night at temple square. ran into tons of sisters like always- so many back from outbound!!
the laughter was loud, the spirit was strong, and the beauty was prominent!!
my favorite part of temple square lights. secret alley behind assembly hall.
actually candid
not so candid 
my king size with his fun size 
strong sauce!
and why am i not surprised!!!! yet our eyes are always on the temple.

Monday, December 26, 2011

a merry christmas

man, if there is any time i want to be bloggin and recording everything. it would be now! however, i just get so busy and can't sacrifice actual living to be recording. i'll get better!! so much has been going on!
how was your christmas? mine was sublime! i was especially grateful to have christmas be on the sabbath. such a beautiful christmas service! ps next sunday is chase's homecoming. comment if you want details and an invite :) it's going to be epic! so here are just some fun recaps and pics! and a video. i love this video- it's a wee bit long and very silly. but that's just the way my relationship is with the andersons and the way my love for chase is! silly, fun, respectful, spiritual, and longlasting. hahahahaha.
this was a crazy day! but i did get to see some loved ones! millie and me are pals. chase and millie WILL be pals. everytime i got close to chase, this is what millie would do. squirm and make a cute "ahhhhh" face. hahaha. what a cutie pie!
a great time christmas eve at grandma sheryl's and grandpa gary's.
christmas morning with my fav christmas present
some of my favorite people! bryton, ciara, chase!
we went to watch baby charlotte open her presents before church! at chad and kina's crib! love them!
one of my christmas presents from chase :) what a sugar cake!! he's a better artist than me. this is a good piece of work by him!! if you don't know this pic of us..... go to prof pic 9 on fbook. i know this pic like the back of my hand. and i know this location like the back of my hand, too :)

well here is the video....... on saturday, we were all in a frantic hurry and very  busy getting ready for christmas parties and renovations and what not. ciara asked me to clean her fish tank.
i did........ well i tried. i killed one of her fish. she only had 2 fish.
in the past two weeks she has killed over 20 fish and only 2 had survived.
well now there is only one survivor. we held a funeral.

the anderson manly men are out hunting now. that's why i have this free time to blog. chase tried to smuggle me in but chad and dave were adamant that it was a guys' trip. hahaha. trying to call my beloved lauryn but she's not answering. so i'm blogging instead!
if you notice- dave is wearing a brazilian police vest. it was his christmas present from chase. chase got the most amazing christmas presents for everyone. and most of them were gifts from brazilians and he didn't spend a dime on them. he got this from an old branch president who used to be in the brazil police force. hahahaha. i think it's one of the most fantastic mission souvenirs!! it has a perfect spot for dave's guns, amo, knifes, etc.
well they are off hunting and this is the first time i've been away from chase since he's been home. it's weird. i miss him. christmas break ending will be strange. hahaha. i love this vacation time and spending christmas will my future in-laws!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

quick example

i escaped for five seconds!! we've been busy at work slaving away for the anderson christmas party tonight. been making food like crazy! they're calling me rght now! but i'll just say i was in the bathroom. hahaha. 
but i just had to share a quick example of chase's hilarious missionary mode.
we are introducing him to justin bieber- even though he said he would hear jb all over the streets of brazil. him and his comps pretty much had the songs memorized. well i think he is a little overwhelmed at our love for jb.
hence my watch that the beautiful kristi got me for christmas!
anyways. we were listening to eenie meenie minie moe and baby and what not and he said 'what is this crap?'
we have breaking the word of wisdom with coffee at starbucks
a girl picking and going home with guys like she's playing tag
and people dating before they're sixteen.
i am loving this strange chase! it's great!
also whenever i'm losing patience (mainly on the road) he will say "baby, do you know why that car is in front of you?" or "do you know why your phone is having slow internet connection?" or etc. etc.
"why, chase?"
"because God wants you to learn patience!"
oh my word. hahahahahhaa. what a babe!

Friday, December 23, 2011


been some amazing moments these past couple days :) i have literally been like a companion for chase. we were at costco today and he freaked out when i wasn't in sight and sound. what a cutie. he comes up to me and says "i felt the same way just now as i did in the airport when i left my comp for the first time" hahahaha. he is so fresh off the mish sometimes it's hilarious. especially with his portuguese. he says some seriously wrong or inappopriate or misunderstood phrases in english because he forgets what slang or what proper clauses or phrases should be used. he's translating portuguese to english. it's cute. i wish i was that bomb at french to automatically think in french first. i love when he speaks portuguese and offers prayers in portuguese. wowzers!!
i've actually had some issues the past 24 hours but what's interesting is that it's still a good day in general because chase has been by my side. he brings me even closer to God and has such a spirit that strengthens me!
last night was such a special night. we had a reunion! we went down south and visited chase's grandpa's grave. they were really close and i know he watched over chase on his mission. the cemetery was by this beautiful lake with christmas lights and horse-drawn carriages. adorable! also went to a family party last night- chase finally got to meet some important people!
well everything is going great. better than great. i don't remember him ever making me this happy or being this in love. it's a good feeling. i feel a little too blessed. i try not to make others puke in public but i can't help but constantly hold his hand, gaze up, and smile like a buffoon!
well he just walked in the room from his shower! boy he is good lookin'!!! it's time to christmas skype my favorite missionary in the world (i can officially say that now) TAYLOR!!!!!!!! yay!!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

I feel... in love
.....everything joyful
.....all things beautiful the luckiest girl in the world
....truly blessed complete much love grateful


there are so many things going through my mind! all absolutely wonderful and full of so much love and happiness!
it's late but i just had to update my life aka my blog!
right now chase is knocked out next to me because he just took a sleeping pill. i gotta go to my own little nook and finally get a good night's rest! 
today has been crazy! yesterday was even crazier. yesterday really was the best day of my life so far.
i cannot complete all my thoughts here so i'll just try to keep this short and head off to bed!
i woke up so early this morning...... 4 am :) chase had been sitting on the couch since 3 am -all jet lagged. so we talked from 4 am till the sun rose!!! we then dropped ciara and bryton off at school. we went to an early morning session at oquirrh temple and it was one of the most amazing experiences. i'm so grateful! for so much!

we ran some errands. 
ran into this babe and gave her a beautiful christmas present for her and her compy! 
boy, do i love these two!! my heart is so whole and full!

it was such luck to run into her! it's hard to stalk t-square sisters!! she got to meet chase!!! it was so beautiful! 
i showed chase around my mission for 4.5 seconds and then we had other places to visit. 
we tried to go to lunch at wingers..... um fail! why do they have the same building (exterior and interior) with the smallest sign change. apparantely wingers is struggling and shutting down!! no!!!!! we sat down, gave our drink orders, and then realized we were not in wingers. hahaha. 
ps wingers is chase's favorite restaurant. he didn't really care though. all he wanted was a burger and he got one!!!

and you can't go wrong with ending the night like this!!! obviously there are so many things i'm feeling, thinking, loving, thankful for, and just elated about!!! but there are more important things to be done than blogging this week! but i'll be blogging as much as i can :) and stealing some kisses from this big giant!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

iphone secrets

more projects going on

it was cold. and we're snuggle bugs.

no make up. extensions.

not sure yet if its worth the pain. but they look beautiful.

get in the spirit. sport the flag! 
yes that is my favorite show on!
and my favorite god daughter rollin'!

a christmas break of no responsibilities! i beat him at his own race game. baller!!! 

and this has been on my desktop for almost two years. last week. this was made first month in mtc

i do love you. i didn't forget that. xoxo
ps he may or may not be okay with me putting these on my public blog so don't bring it up to him if you ever get the chance. k thanks. hahahah.

spiritual medicine!

spiritual medicine is what i got today :) esp cuz jane seymour (dr quinn from dr quinn & medicine woman) was the narrator and nathan gunn was the amazing accompanying singer with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The dancers (recognized a few from byu) and the little children dancing were amazing. The spirit was so strong and if you mix the spirit with a visit to t-square.... i always get emotional. i was crying sitting on the eleventh row in that beautiful conference center. sweet little ciara reaches over, grabs my hand, gives me a squeeze, and knew exactly what was wrong! gave me a little pep talk and even though i was missing temple square so much, i was grateful to be sitting with her at that moment. one of the reasons i miss temple square so much is because i AM so grateful for my opportunity to serve there. so i try to stay positive and be grateful- but then i cry even more because it was so wonderful!!! it was a beautiful morning.
then we drove and went in for a quick sacrament partaking moment and then enjoyed the sabbath at home. took a great long nap :) still tired but i want to be able to sleep tonight! gotta get as much beauty sleep as possible!!
and now we're playing games. imagine iff..... good easy fun hilarious game with the andersons. they have distinct personalities and it's easy to know what their answers should be! i love it!! we're also practicing seek so chase doesn't kick our butts too bad when we all play later this break. hahaha. i love sundays. i loved this sunday extra much! i love my andersons!
bryton, me, ciara, kina
so much love

oh oh oh i almost forgot. in the car on the way to salt lake, dave pulls out a thick letter!!! I FORGOT TO CHECK THE MAIL yesterday with all the hullabaloo of the party and fear factor and what not! i was sooooooooo excited. chase said 5 letters were sent three weeks ago. i was hoping they'd get here before him :) so when dave handed me one i thought there might be more- but then i noticed he had included five different written letters in that one envelope so i was convinced that was it. then over the next hr he kept handing me another then another then another!!!!!! what a beautiful thing. sometimes i cannot believe how amazing my relationships and my beautiful perspective on this crazy world is! so many blessings!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fear Factor

Today has been absolutely hilarious!!! I told you Julie's annual Christmas parties are always a smashing hit. Well, this year surpassed them all!!!!! Let me tell you! and show you!!
Started off with tons of family members. delicious food. a game of knuckles and quarters. then FEAR FACTOR. then hot tubbing and bonfire.
some of the group of fear factor!!! love me some of these ppl. 
especially cody! he's my cousin regardless of logistics.
what we really need to focus on is fear factor!! oh man! i just wanna say among +30 relatives, i came in second! this coast guard animal machine beat me but i was next!!! i was fearless, persistent, and relentless to win! competition is strong in my blood!!! oh man!!!
so the fear factor events:
bryton and i were a team and i dropped mustard-covered marshmallows into his mouth in one minute. we won with 14 chewed and swallowed.
bryton and i were a team. he loaded my face with shaving cream and then threw cheeseballs onto my face and see what stuck! we came in second with 11 cheeseballs!

then we bobbed for apples in ice cold water. i was the first to really show how it was done in 60 seconds. six apples!! then colton (aka coast guard man- who is at home in cold water btw) beat me with 11!!!! mother of pearl!
wet! face so ice cold! ruined my hair and make up! but got off the leftover shaving cream. sick for britt who had to go last bobbing for apples after everyone else went. i went first- less germs :) 

then dustin and i were partners in sharing a huge plate of spaghetti and trying to find the quarter, nickel, and penny! we got second!!

then we had a relay race of carrying dog treats in our mouth and crawling across the wooden floor to the next bucket. our team lost. but i was still on the board as second.
then the ultimate worst part for me was sticking my hand in a barrell with LIVE JUMPING CRICKETS jumping all over and you had to grab as much change as possible. i know after the next two fear factors you'll think this was nothing but this was actually the hardest for me!!! eeeeek!
then we had to eat a cricket. oh my heck!!
then we had to eat cow tongue!!! zoo wee mamma!!!!!!!

now you can see WHY i'm so proud of being second. phew!! it was intense! i like to take pride that some of the fear factors were my ideas, too! thanks to chad and dave for making it happen and kina for keeping score!!!

well now bryton and i are snuggling (we do this often- it'll be interesting for chase to try to come between us!!) watching tron. we have an early day tomorrow going to temple square for the ticketed music and the spoken word. hopefully i'll see crandell one last time before she goes home tuesday. tuesday is a big airport day at slc!!! i love christmas break. christmas celebrating. and tomorrow- a little moment of the true christmas spirit! what a great christmas break already! amazing!! enjoy this CRAZY video!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

stained hands

my hands are so stained right now! because of poster-making!! another day of prepping!! tomorrow is the anderson's (well the hanks side really) christmas party and it is BIG BIG BIG and one of the best annual parties i'm blessed to be apart of! i'm excited. so a lot has been going on to prep for that. and OF course a lot has been going on to prep for tuesday :)
soon we'll be carrying these (minus the red one- which is hanging in his room!!) with helium balloons attached.....

as he descends the escalators (aka kinda like these stairs!!!), then throwing the posters on the ground, then running for a group hug to this big guy: