Tuesday, December 27, 2011

beautiful double date

last night i went on a beautiful double date with chase. accompanied with his cousin and his date. it was wonderful.
ate at brick oven. ciara was our hostess. we embarrassed her by leaving a poem with her manager and sweet serenades on the table.
then we had a beautiful night at temple square. ran into tons of sisters like always- so many back from outbound!!
the laughter was loud, the spirit was strong, and the beauty was prominent!!
my favorite part of temple square lights. secret alley behind assembly hall.
actually candid
not so candid 
my king size with his fun size 
strong sauce!
and why am i not surprised!!!! yet our eyes are always on the temple.

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Kelly said...

awww cute cute cute. i want to go on a double plus one date! (reagan wants to come too)