Thursday, December 15, 2011


this little bear has endurance just like me!! he has lasted over two years and is still going strong. just like his mamma. and i have pressed his little foot multiple times every single dang bright gloomy happy beautiful day for the past two years. he has been in provo to bluffdale to san francisco to houston to the cabin to roosevelt to temple square to the mtc to houston to provo to vegas to every where with me!!! what a reliable, enduring, strong bear! his name is paix (peace en francais) and i pronounce it PAX (even though it should be pronounced pay-ee) he's on a first name basis with those that have sleep overs with me enough. hahaha. and i love this bear. it's been the squeeze of many tears and many lonely nights. haha. how old am i?
one time his bow (yeah i still call him a boy and he has a pink bow. he represents chase to me. not the bow part but the voice part. hahaha) fell off and my mom stitched it back on. we all take care of pax :)

on a great epic date of chase and i (like every date is) we went to build-a-bear because i had stated that i'd never been. he made a ute basketball player and i made paix. chase got the great idea to put a recorder in his foot. so i told him to say something sweet on it so i'd hear his voice when i pressed it. he grabbed the recorder and said "something sweet" and i said NO NO NO say something better than actually "something sweet" so he grabbed it..... and re-recorded.... and hence :)


things have been crazy this week but i finished my last final wednesday night at 10:05 pm :) gave a speech on why singapore is a better country than america. edgy i know! anyways. today i beautified some more and went to the "second annual fugly christmas sweater party." thanks mike for the invite. 
also! i spent a lot of time with lauryn today :) heart! 
ps downeast- all layover shirts [camis, tanks, long sleeve, tees, etc- black, white and any color] are all $5 this weekend. black and whites never go on sale!! even though i don't work there anymore i'll still give them my voice! go get your shirts, ladies!! or men if you like them as undershirts i suppose. hahaha. 
anyways. one of my fav parts of the day was snuggling with laur and dall on their huge bed watching forty episodes of friends on dvd just right in a row! ok not forty- prolly more like 7! but still! productive. oh boy it feels good to be on vacay :) i can't believe it's already thursday :) friday in 15 minutes!!! wowowowoweeeee!!!!


Kelly said...

tough bear. its in the genes.

taryn said...

hahaha kelly's comment!
btw. yes we are all on first name basis with that bear.
right before we'd go to bed.
ope he's shuffled off!