Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fear Factor

Today has been absolutely hilarious!!! I told you Julie's annual Christmas parties are always a smashing hit. Well, this year surpassed them all!!!!! Let me tell you! and show you!!
Started off with tons of family members. delicious food. a game of knuckles and quarters. then FEAR FACTOR. then hot tubbing and bonfire.
some of the group of fear factor!!! love me some of these ppl. 
especially cody! he's my cousin regardless of logistics.
what we really need to focus on is fear factor!! oh man! i just wanna say among +30 relatives, i came in second! this coast guard animal machine beat me but i was next!!! i was fearless, persistent, and relentless to win! competition is strong in my blood!!! oh man!!!
so the fear factor events:
bryton and i were a team and i dropped mustard-covered marshmallows into his mouth in one minute. we won with 14 chewed and swallowed.
bryton and i were a team. he loaded my face with shaving cream and then threw cheeseballs onto my face and see what stuck! we came in second with 11 cheeseballs!

then we bobbed for apples in ice cold water. i was the first to really show how it was done in 60 seconds. six apples!! then colton (aka coast guard man- who is at home in cold water btw) beat me with 11!!!! mother of pearl!
wet! face so ice cold! ruined my hair and make up! but got off the leftover shaving cream. sick for britt who had to go last bobbing for apples after everyone else went. i went first- less germs :) 

then dustin and i were partners in sharing a huge plate of spaghetti and trying to find the quarter, nickel, and penny! we got second!!

then we had a relay race of carrying dog treats in our mouth and crawling across the wooden floor to the next bucket. our team lost. but i was still on the board as second.
then the ultimate worst part for me was sticking my hand in a barrell with LIVE JUMPING CRICKETS jumping all over and you had to grab as much change as possible. i know after the next two fear factors you'll think this was nothing but this was actually the hardest for me!!! eeeeek!
then we had to eat a cricket. oh my heck!!
then we had to eat cow tongue!!! zoo wee mamma!!!!!!!

now you can see WHY i'm so proud of being second. phew!! it was intense! i like to take pride that some of the fear factors were my ideas, too! thanks to chad and dave for making it happen and kina for keeping score!!!

well now bryton and i are snuggling (we do this often- it'll be interesting for chase to try to come between us!!) watching tron. we have an early day tomorrow going to temple square for the ticketed music and the spoken word. hopefully i'll see crandell one last time before she goes home tuesday. tuesday is a big airport day at slc!!! i love christmas break. christmas celebrating. and tomorrow- a little moment of the true christmas spirit! what a great christmas break already! amazing!! enjoy this CRAZY video!!!

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Kelly said...

oh my h. is that cow tongue raw?? nasty!!!