Tuesday, December 27, 2011

the game of things...

tonight we had a great night here at the andersons. we had fhe and the lesson was on goals! goals like temple attendance, scripture study, prayer, no swearing, etc. AND one of our goals is to improve fhe. and for our activity we played "the game of things"
basically you have a topic: things you should never say to your in laws
everyone writes an answer. and then you have to guess whose is who. there are some more details to the game but that's the gist of it. it was way funny tonight!
and i'd just like to say that half way through the game everyone had over 10 points and i had 1 point..... then i caught up and WON!!!
some funny moments from tonight:
things that are harder than they appear
         someone's answer: fake boobs
things you shouldn't collect
         someone's answer: used tampons
someway you know someone hasn't grown up
        someone's answer: my privates
something that would make school more exciting
        someone's answer: birthday suit

well today has been a good day. i've been very sick ever since chase has gotten home. why?
  • i haven't been carrying my water bottle around as much
  • i've been thrown off on taking my medicine
  • real life is so exciting it's hard for me to actually sleep through the night
  • eating over the holidays is different than my normal schedule
but yeah. so i was super sick today. thought i'd have to either die or go to the er but i survived. it was still such a good day. why? gift cards. post-christmas shopping. chase scheduled his classes at byu. applying for grants. watched tangled. helped with some remodeling. fhe. life is so beautiful!
i love getting friend request on facebook from tsqaure sisters- i always know when its transfer day because the next day my fbook goes crazy with requests! and chase is getting phone calls and friend requests all the time from old mission buddies. i'm not a big fbook fan but they do have their good qualities! well this blog post isn't too exciting. i better scadaddle off and go kiss my man. laters!!

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