Thursday, December 22, 2011

I feel... in love
.....everything joyful
.....all things beautiful the luckiest girl in the world
....truly blessed complete much love grateful


there are so many things going through my mind! all absolutely wonderful and full of so much love and happiness!
it's late but i just had to update my life aka my blog!
right now chase is knocked out next to me because he just took a sleeping pill. i gotta go to my own little nook and finally get a good night's rest! 
today has been crazy! yesterday was even crazier. yesterday really was the best day of my life so far.
i cannot complete all my thoughts here so i'll just try to keep this short and head off to bed!
i woke up so early this morning...... 4 am :) chase had been sitting on the couch since 3 am -all jet lagged. so we talked from 4 am till the sun rose!!! we then dropped ciara and bryton off at school. we went to an early morning session at oquirrh temple and it was one of the most amazing experiences. i'm so grateful! for so much!

we ran some errands. 
ran into this babe and gave her a beautiful christmas present for her and her compy! 
boy, do i love these two!! my heart is so whole and full!

it was such luck to run into her! it's hard to stalk t-square sisters!! she got to meet chase!!! it was so beautiful! 
i showed chase around my mission for 4.5 seconds and then we had other places to visit. 
we tried to go to lunch at wingers..... um fail! why do they have the same building (exterior and interior) with the smallest sign change. apparantely wingers is struggling and shutting down!! no!!!!! we sat down, gave our drink orders, and then realized we were not in wingers. hahaha. 
ps wingers is chase's favorite restaurant. he didn't really care though. all he wanted was a burger and he got one!!!

and you can't go wrong with ending the night like this!!! obviously there are so many things i'm feeling, thinking, loving, thankful for, and just elated about!!! but there are more important things to be done than blogging this week! but i'll be blogging as much as i can :) and stealing some kisses from this big giant!!


Laura said...

oh my gosh. i've been checking multiple times a day for this post. SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU :)

Monica H. said...

MARISSA. I am sooooooo HAPPY FOR YOU!!! THIS IS SO GREAT!!!!! Ah will you please let me know the wedding date as soon as you know?! Oh my gosh. This is a fairy tale!!

Kelly said...

love. lovelovelove. miss you and cant wait to see you two lovebirds again!

Karin and Ben said...

love love love love love love love love love . . .