Friday, December 9, 2011

in the genes

a couple weeks ago, the beautiful taryn visited me for thanksgiving. she'd always compliment and get all gooey about taylor. my brother who is strictly a non-romantic bff taylor to me.
so to sway her from doing this she'd say "taylor is so sexy" and i'd say "it's in the genes."
she'd say "taylor would be such a great engineer cuz he's so smart." and i'd say "it's in the genes."
you see my point.

well today i want to explain to you some of the future genes of my children. you see i am often bffs with 16 year olds. it's funny. we have the beautiful taryn. and we have the beautiful hilarious ciara. ciara is chase's sister and she is seriously funny! she doesn't have much of a filter (either do i so that's one reason we are bosom-buds). she also has led a very one-track kind of life and is learning a lot every day! sometimes i prolly teach her more than she should know but i feel it is my duty to educate her. she educates me, too. IF i live in utah forever- being nearby ciara would be a plus!! she is curious and she is great! and thi causes her to ask the funniest questions and have the most hilarious opinions. so this blog is dedicated to her.

some ciara-genes that my future children will have the privilege of having.

"what language do they speak in England?"

"donald trump! oh yah he's that famous mayor. why would a mayor's name be on a hotel?"

"which is bigger? houston or brazil?"

"i was cleaning the fish's water. two died because i couldn't scoop them up in time back in the bowl. they died, suffocating in the sink."
me: "why didn't you fill the sink up with water?"
ciara: "i didn't want to drown them" ...............................i explained to her how she could have saved them. its still sinking in. (that one just happened five minutes ago and my voice is so sore from laughing- i'm sick too so it's already scratchy- hilarious!)

well there are more but those are some of the best! i'm too tired and sick to go on. i'm going to sleep. good night.

p.s. saw the worst movie tonight. New Year's :( how sad. it had such potential. i kinda like Valentine's Day and like seeing thousands of famious ppl in one film. NO. this movie was horrible. if i wasn't so obsessed with watching a movie all the way through- i woulda walked out after 20 minutes. it was just sooo boring. who wrote it? embarassing. just the whole plot. just the whole mess. eeek! but i did enjoy some cousin time :) and playing the new game with laur and friends that laur got me for christmas. she knows the perfect gift for a girl like me :)

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