Sunday, December 18, 2011

iphone secrets

more projects going on

it was cold. and we're snuggle bugs.

no make up. extensions.

not sure yet if its worth the pain. but they look beautiful.

get in the spirit. sport the flag! 
yes that is my favorite show on!
and my favorite god daughter rollin'!

a christmas break of no responsibilities! i beat him at his own race game. baller!!! 

and this has been on my desktop for almost two years. last week. this was made first month in mtc

i do love you. i didn't forget that. xoxo
ps he may or may not be okay with me putting these on my public blog so don't bring it up to him if you ever get the chance. k thanks. hahahah.


Kelly said...

ugh. fake lashes. one road i will never follow you down. see you tomorrow love! only 39 more hours! (till chase. not me)

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

i love the lashes a lot!! i have always been scared of getting let me know how you like them!!! lots of love!! and so excited for tomorrow (for you) and don't forget about all of our christmas game plans!!!