Saturday, December 3, 2011

marriage then babies!

today has been insane. now i say that a lot but this time it's straight up true. you cannot imagine half the day i've had because i will not tell you about it. but you can imagine the other half of the day because that i will give you deets about.

so today was a big day that i had been planning for a while. i threw TWO parties.
not crunk buck-wild kind of parties but real parties for specific people. a bridal part at 1030 and then a baby shower at 1. luckily both were being co-hosted so they weren't both at my house. but i still felt the pressure. the stress-psh! it was worth it!
they both were amazing successes and i feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends in my life.
sometimes i feel like katherine heigl from 27 dresses. one day it'll be my turn though :) and they'll all be taking care of me!!
the whole plan will be thrown into motion soon! two days earlier actually- if you are fbook friends with me then you know the andersons surprised me. i was at dave's birthday party last night up in bdale and there are dave's friends and family there to bonfire it up, hottub, eat eat eat, and play games!! dave tells me chase's mission president emailed chase's official itinerary! i jump up and down and he shows me chase's flight details on his phone. i read that he gets in at 1:30 pm and that's what i had figured because i had orbitzed it a week earlier. so i'm all smiles and so happy! then dave says look at the date. i know the 22, i say. no look at, he says!  i panicked because i knew it was either later or earlier. if it was too early that could mess with finals. if it was too late i'd cry. i look at the date- DECEMBER 20!!! that's two days earlier and finals will still be done with. now it might not be that exciting if i was told that a year ago but it's super exciting considering that two days make a difference in a two week time frame!!! idk if chase was lying to surprise us or if he doesn't even know it's actual the 19th he'll be leaving brazil! what a beautiful thing!!! even though when i told my dad he said "that's 2 days he could be teaching people in brazil!" classic. such a different mind frame for me. anyways. SO P.S. THE COUNTDOWN AT THE TOP OF MY BLOG IS TWO DAYS OFF NOW!! why did i tell that story again? oh yah- cuz it sets things in motion sooner and then these friends of mine can throw me parties. ok back to my post about the busy busy busy day of today :)

10:30 Alison Littlejohn's Bridal Shower :) why does that sound familiar?? oh because i've written about her before- she was my trainer from the mish and the best chica i coulda asked for. she is amazing! i'm so happy for her. i was debating flying out to her sealing at oakland temple on dec 20 but it was cutting it close to the 22nd and there were some other personal issues so i decided i would just go to her orem reception- well GOOD thing because considering chase's flight! so anyways. we celebrated her MARRIAGE coming up!!!! started off the day with congratulating alison and celebrating her fiancee days!!!!

then at 1:00 it was Mary's baby shower! little baby boy coming our way soon!!!! i'm so excited for her, too! she will be an amazing mother! she's an amazing friend and a beautiful person! p.s. random fact- this whole day i had millie with me- so it was great to have a beautiful baby at a beautiful baby shower!!

and now it is 6:00 pm. what am i doing? babysitting reagan (while kelly and lance go on a date!) and babysitting millie. oh i love serving and loving those around me!! today has been exhausting. i'm glad to get this blog done and then turn my brain off with mindless tv! i was supposed to get some hw done but plans change. monday will be ATTACK THE LAST OF MY HOMEWORK FOR THE SEMESTER day :) and start studying for finals!! it will be rivoting! ok well enjoy these pics :) if you want me to throw you a party- well i'd understand why :)
 ali's beloveds!! so excited for her to be mrs. adamson!
 as you can see- i ate way too much today!
 the bride to be :) Ali!! aka Sister Littlejohn! aka LJ!
she will be such a beautiful bride and wifey! CONGRATS ALI!!

to the next party
 the diaper cake i got Mary as her gift (thanks kelly!)
nicole setting up! she did awesome! great working with her to throw this bash!
oh boy! more food!!
 she's due at the beginning of january! she looks awesome!
millie-kins! i love her oh so much!! she was so good during both parties! even took a nap during the baby shower!
some of the baby-loving, gift-giving friends!
the co-hosts with the mommy-to-be!!!!
GOOD LUCK MARY!! you are a prepared, amazing, beautiful caretaker already!! xoxoxo

to the next party..... 
just observing each other and learning how to share
then millie got jealous and wanted to be the baby i loved on.
haha. i'm gonna be a great mom

EXHALE!!!! what a great day! it's over and it was amazing!! now i get to stress and worry about finals! then i can officially get stoked for chase and christmas break!! until then- one step at a time. i think i can! i think i can! i think i can!


Kelly said...

hahahaha your dad. i like the way he thinks.

Laura said...

i know you can :)