Monday, December 26, 2011

a merry christmas

man, if there is any time i want to be bloggin and recording everything. it would be now! however, i just get so busy and can't sacrifice actual living to be recording. i'll get better!! so much has been going on!
how was your christmas? mine was sublime! i was especially grateful to have christmas be on the sabbath. such a beautiful christmas service! ps next sunday is chase's homecoming. comment if you want details and an invite :) it's going to be epic! so here are just some fun recaps and pics! and a video. i love this video- it's a wee bit long and very silly. but that's just the way my relationship is with the andersons and the way my love for chase is! silly, fun, respectful, spiritual, and longlasting. hahahahaha.
this was a crazy day! but i did get to see some loved ones! millie and me are pals. chase and millie WILL be pals. everytime i got close to chase, this is what millie would do. squirm and make a cute "ahhhhh" face. hahaha. what a cutie pie!
a great time christmas eve at grandma sheryl's and grandpa gary's.
christmas morning with my fav christmas present
some of my favorite people! bryton, ciara, chase!
we went to watch baby charlotte open her presents before church! at chad and kina's crib! love them!
one of my christmas presents from chase :) what a sugar cake!! he's a better artist than me. this is a good piece of work by him!! if you don't know this pic of us..... go to prof pic 9 on fbook. i know this pic like the back of my hand. and i know this location like the back of my hand, too :)

well here is the video....... on saturday, we were all in a frantic hurry and very  busy getting ready for christmas parties and renovations and what not. ciara asked me to clean her fish tank.
i did........ well i tried. i killed one of her fish. she only had 2 fish.
in the past two weeks she has killed over 20 fish and only 2 had survived.
well now there is only one survivor. we held a funeral.

the anderson manly men are out hunting now. that's why i have this free time to blog. chase tried to smuggle me in but chad and dave were adamant that it was a guys' trip. hahaha. trying to call my beloved lauryn but she's not answering. so i'm blogging instead!
if you notice- dave is wearing a brazilian police vest. it was his christmas present from chase. chase got the most amazing christmas presents for everyone. and most of them were gifts from brazilians and he didn't spend a dime on them. he got this from an old branch president who used to be in the brazil police force. hahahaha. i think it's one of the most fantastic mission souvenirs!! it has a perfect spot for dave's guns, amo, knifes, etc.
well they are off hunting and this is the first time i've been away from chase since he's been home. it's weird. i miss him. christmas break ending will be strange. hahaha. i love this vacation time and spending christmas will my future in-laws!!

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Kelly said...

gosh you guys make such a beautiful couple! wish we were going to be here for his homecoming!