Saturday, December 31, 2011

new year's eve

hahahahahahah she's fiesty!! it's a good time here. love grandma!! and all her kisses and canoodling.

so i'm leaving in 5.68 seconds to my family new year's eve party but i gotta blog a baby bit :) 
ps last announcement for chase's farewell tomorrow. 1 o'clock. Bluffdale 1st Ward!! see ya there.

chase and i have been very busy lately!! and chase has been very tired lately. every missionary knows what i'm talking about when i say tired. but he's been extra tired cuz i've been dragging him every where!! his body has been walking >15 miles a day for two years. it's finally realizing it can break down now!!! hence.
this is him sleeping in south towne outside forever 21 while i took forever to spend my gift card!!! hahahaha. i love post-christmas sales! i love his patience!!
and i've been obsessed with him lately! creeper: twelve o'clock! that's me!

we finally forced chase to go to a gastro specialisits. oh boy how i know all about them. he loved reading the UC pamphlet. as he read: "good to know. good to know.... pause... good to know"
and it's 99% sure he does have a parasite but he's being so stubborn about taking the necessary steps. this is definitely tmi on a blog but its soooo funny. annie came to the doctor's office and i almost peed my pants when i showed her this pic. she didn't come in the room with us ;) even though she wanted to!
chase is all ready for the doctor. ps he's obviously kidding. the room stayed G-rated.
pps he's gained 4 lbs since being home. that's in 1.5 weeks. 
thats more weight than he has gained in 2 years. he thinks he's gonna stay his skinny-self for years..... we'll see :) i don't mind either way. i fall in love with him whatever his size. healthy is all i care about!

besides his parasites. he also has picked up a cold. he is always complaining about the chilly weather. it's funny cuz he is jacob in the sense that he is always warm and his hands are always burning hot. but he has a baby sniffly cold just from this winter (and it's the mildest utah winter ever)
so whenever we're in my car is when he always decides he needs to blow his nose. well..... all i have are clorox wipes. he says it burns. hahahah.

i'm sure you've seen these beauties on fbook. lauryn has fancied up her iphone. i need cooler apps like her. xoxoxo i love how chase entertains my ridiculous requests to be sappy and over the top in love with me :) especially during captured moments on film!

 chase and i have been knocking a lot off our "to-do" list! visiting echo dome was surreal!!! just like a scene out of the movies. i love this boy and all that comes with him (and his dazed look for photos sometimes!) what a stud!!!!

last night i had a beautiful time with amanda and annie!! chase and kyle and conner!!they are all brazil RMs and were lovin' talking in portuguese when they were on a team during a new game we tried: SORT IT OUT. it was pretty fun! they were trying to undermind us.... and it worked.... they did win. curse their secret code!!

oh the andersons are such an amazing family. i feel blessed to be a snug little bug with them!! we are missing a few members :) but no matter how many of us are together- it's always crazy!

julie walks in: "this is every man's dream. playing chess.... with his woman behind him giving him a massage!" hahahahahaha.
what can i say :) i know how to take care of my man!
ps chase lost. but chase did beat me earlier today in chess. curses!! i didn't inherit taylor's genius chess genes.

well we better be off to party it up for new year's!!!! (ps new year's eve was one of the worst most horrible painful movies i've ever seen!)
tonight will be awesome though!! i have some great resolutions for this year :) i think i'll be a pretty happy girl 2012 ;) ;) ;)!! it's gonna be a big year!!! the best year!!!!

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