Saturday, December 24, 2011

quick example

i escaped for five seconds!! we've been busy at work slaving away for the anderson christmas party tonight. been making food like crazy! they're calling me rght now! but i'll just say i was in the bathroom. hahaha. 
but i just had to share a quick example of chase's hilarious missionary mode.
we are introducing him to justin bieber- even though he said he would hear jb all over the streets of brazil. him and his comps pretty much had the songs memorized. well i think he is a little overwhelmed at our love for jb.
hence my watch that the beautiful kristi got me for christmas!
anyways. we were listening to eenie meenie minie moe and baby and what not and he said 'what is this crap?'
we have breaking the word of wisdom with coffee at starbucks
a girl picking and going home with guys like she's playing tag
and people dating before they're sixteen.
i am loving this strange chase! it's great!
also whenever i'm losing patience (mainly on the road) he will say "baby, do you know why that car is in front of you?" or "do you know why your phone is having slow internet connection?" or etc. etc.
"why, chase?"
"because God wants you to learn patience!"
oh my word. hahahahahhaa. what a babe!

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