Friday, December 23, 2011


been some amazing moments these past couple days :) i have literally been like a companion for chase. we were at costco today and he freaked out when i wasn't in sight and sound. what a cutie. he comes up to me and says "i felt the same way just now as i did in the airport when i left my comp for the first time" hahahaha. he is so fresh off the mish sometimes it's hilarious. especially with his portuguese. he says some seriously wrong or inappopriate or misunderstood phrases in english because he forgets what slang or what proper clauses or phrases should be used. he's translating portuguese to english. it's cute. i wish i was that bomb at french to automatically think in french first. i love when he speaks portuguese and offers prayers in portuguese. wowzers!!
i've actually had some issues the past 24 hours but what's interesting is that it's still a good day in general because chase has been by my side. he brings me even closer to God and has such a spirit that strengthens me!
last night was such a special night. we had a reunion! we went down south and visited chase's grandpa's grave. they were really close and i know he watched over chase on his mission. the cemetery was by this beautiful lake with christmas lights and horse-drawn carriages. adorable! also went to a family party last night- chase finally got to meet some important people!
well everything is going great. better than great. i don't remember him ever making me this happy or being this in love. it's a good feeling. i feel a little too blessed. i try not to make others puke in public but i can't help but constantly hold his hand, gaze up, and smile like a buffoon!
well he just walked in the room from his shower! boy he is good lookin'!!! it's time to christmas skype my favorite missionary in the world (i can officially say that now) TAYLOR!!!!!!!! yay!!!!

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