Sunday, December 18, 2011

spiritual medicine!

spiritual medicine is what i got today :) esp cuz jane seymour (dr quinn from dr quinn & medicine woman) was the narrator and nathan gunn was the amazing accompanying singer with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The dancers (recognized a few from byu) and the little children dancing were amazing. The spirit was so strong and if you mix the spirit with a visit to t-square.... i always get emotional. i was crying sitting on the eleventh row in that beautiful conference center. sweet little ciara reaches over, grabs my hand, gives me a squeeze, and knew exactly what was wrong! gave me a little pep talk and even though i was missing temple square so much, i was grateful to be sitting with her at that moment. one of the reasons i miss temple square so much is because i AM so grateful for my opportunity to serve there. so i try to stay positive and be grateful- but then i cry even more because it was so wonderful!!! it was a beautiful morning.
then we drove and went in for a quick sacrament partaking moment and then enjoyed the sabbath at home. took a great long nap :) still tired but i want to be able to sleep tonight! gotta get as much beauty sleep as possible!!
and now we're playing games. imagine iff..... good easy fun hilarious game with the andersons. they have distinct personalities and it's easy to know what their answers should be! i love it!! we're also practicing seek so chase doesn't kick our butts too bad when we all play later this break. hahaha. i love sundays. i loved this sunday extra much! i love my andersons!
bryton, me, ciara, kina
so much love

oh oh oh i almost forgot. in the car on the way to salt lake, dave pulls out a thick letter!!! I FORGOT TO CHECK THE MAIL yesterday with all the hullabaloo of the party and fear factor and what not! i was sooooooooo excited. chase said 5 letters were sent three weeks ago. i was hoping they'd get here before him :) so when dave handed me one i thought there might be more- but then i noticed he had included five different written letters in that one envelope so i was convinced that was it. then over the next hr he kept handing me another then another then another!!!!!! what a beautiful thing. sometimes i cannot believe how amazing my relationships and my beautiful perspective on this crazy world is! so many blessings!

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Kelly said...

oh that chase. hes so dreamy.