Tuesday, December 6, 2011

work it!

yesterday, i conquered my homework. i have two finals and one in-class speech and then i'm home free! so today i celebrated- by having a great day.
p.s. my girl monica's missionary comes home tomorrow!!!!! get it girl!!!
i've been staying up too late (aka past 10) i have to wake up at 630 so I need my sleep. I'm a 10 hour needy kind of sleeper. anyways. i've been staying up till 11 or 12 the past couple nights watching one tree hill! i'm obsessed. have the whole series finally! and i've been plowing through it. anyways. so my point is i was dead tired today! i really wanted to come home after work and sleep for 4 hours but i chose something better.
i haven't been to the provo temple since the mtc. i normally do my mary-oquirrh-draper sesh wednedsays but tomorrow i can't go to the temple so i went today. to provo :) it was lovely. and seeing missionaries in there was adorable. all obsessed with being in sight and sound of their companion. even when we were having personal reflective time, they'd still peak to make sure their companion hadn't gotten up and moved. adorable! i loved the mtc. loved love loved it. one of my favorite things about the provo temple is i always seem to come out during sunset. whether i did baptisms or was in the mtc. what a view!!

so i went to work, went to class, and went to the temple :) that's not all. i then went tanning. a few shades darker ( i know i know. i used to be anti fake-n-bake but this christmas is an exception. i wanna look rockin. don't judge, and if you do- be gentle!) 
yeah i put it on my ankle because i wanted to show ppl (aka kelly and chase. hahaha funny how those two go together). so it needs to be in an appropriate spot. 
you can barely see the heart- but i've only been three times people!! 7 more to go!
and now i really must cut this blog off now because i must shower. i just got back from my first zumba class. it was an hour and it was awesome. a sweaty mess of awesome. 
i can shimmy, body roll, pop-lock-and-drop-it, shakira butt-it, pump it, salsa, etc....... so i was able to handle it but BOY OH BOY it worked me out. i've missed dancing so much. 
the only sad thing is i came away looking like this and everyone else looked like this. i guess i just got a little to into it (aka the beet-red face) or they are more in shape than me. i'm guessing the latter. 

ok well thank you for reading this mindless post!! you know you love me. xoxo, marissa girl.


Monica H. said...

yeah shout out!! I'm goin to his house tomorrow! WOOT!

Phil, Lacey & Gabe said...

Hahahaha. This is all I do during every one of your posts! I'm excited for your upcoming reunion!