Sunday, December 4, 2011

You Can Tell A Lot

Some people say you can tell a lot about a person by what's in their trash, what they have in their wallet, what's in their purse, etc..... I say because I'm a single student and the personality type i am (as my mom would say, i still haven't learned that "less is more") that you can tell a lot about me from what's in my room and specifically what's on my walls!!!
I have the only true foundation. 
I have a talented mother.
I am grateful for my short countdown.
I am a lucky RM.

I have a love addiction.
I can be a bad girlfriend who stresses out their boyfriend.
I am loved.
I think this man is the greatest. 
I have a worthy M (almost RM)

I like to think of myself as well-cultured.
I have many homes.
I pretend to speak French.
It is most important to have someone to hold hands with- wherever your home.
P.S. you can see the flip book- well the corner of it. this week it is chase and i walking hand in hand under the lights of t-square and the quote says "Sing when the shadows fall... for in time the sun will shine again." Dec 4-10, 2011

I have a budgeting problem.
I am always entertained. 
I love dvds and games. in an unhealthy way sometimes.
When I have no money, I'll still be entertained.

My life is a collage of loved ones.
Those most beloved loved ones are constant and family.

There are essentials in my life. I always carry them with me.
I have families of all kinds.

Well there is a sneak peak at my room. You'll probably never see it. Most people don't. I spend minimal time here but when I do- there is so much to be grateful for. even if it is in the basement and freezing at this very moment! I need my sweats!

P.S. in church today, my beautiful roommate Claire leaned over and said "Doesn't my fingernail polish look like Africa?" I thought that was great!! So here:

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