Sunday, December 11, 2011


my beautiful cousin lauryn (and dallin i suppose) got me a great christmas present. yes, i've already opened it! get over it!
i'm really bad at waiting.....oh hold up- well considering what is coming in 9 days.... i guess i'm good at waiting. well i'm bad at keeping presents a surprise until ____ fill in whatever special occasion or holiday.
ANYWAYS. so lauryn got me something just perfect for me: a game!!! one of my many addictions. it's a new one and she took a gamble on it and it's fantastic! it's called zero:
so yeah! had a great weekend playing it with the crew some! 
and also i was very sick this weekend so i snuggled up all weekend in chase's bed and studied. church was great today, too. utah family wards fascinate me. i can't really explain it. they are sort of unexplainable unless you are used to family wards outside of utah and then come to one here. hard to explain- kinda like a singles ward. you just have to go to one to get the vibe and feel for it. hahaha. 

anyways. so tonight i went to my ritual watching of Once Upon A Time at kelly and lance's. ps baby reagan was a spitting machine today. laundry on the checklist for tomorrow for sure! 
after our tv show- we played zero. now i don't really have to explain the game to you for you to understand these embarrassing moments but i will so you'll be inspired to buy it. 
basically you have a question that many people were polled for to get a common answer like family fued (i.e. a country that starts with "i" OR one of the sexiest man alive winners from 2000-2010 OR a sibling from the brady brunch) but unlike family feud, you try to guess the LEAST given answer and get the least amount of points and stay close to ZERO. there are some fun curve balls and other things in the game. but that's the gist of it.
so some embarrassing lines of the night with kelly, lance, and me:
  • US Capitol's that start with "S"
    Did ANY of us think of Salt Lake City?? NO!!! helllloooooo!!! ps kelly couldn't think of a single S capitol- just a sidenote.
  • Name parts of a flower
    Marisa: Uretha
    Kelly: Root
    BOTH are most definitely not flower parts. ope......
  • Name one of the Jackson children
    Kelly learned tonight that Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson are siblings. hahahaha.
  • A Steven Spielberg film that won an Oscar
    after we are looking over the answers on the card
    Marissa: what is eye-wow geee-muh?
    Lance: uh... Iwo Jima
    Marissa: wow how can i even be an American!
  • Kelly trying to guess one of the sexiest man guys from 2000-2011
    Lance giving her a clue with a weird accent: "I'm Sean Connery"
    Kelly doesn't get the clue. She loses.
    Lance says: hello! i was trying to get you to guess Sean Connery!
    Kelly: so you just gave me  a "clue" by saying the answer? what the?
  • Name a song from Lion King
    Kelly: oh this card is perfect for you because you have that whole gibberish song memorized. the naahhhh gi wennn yahhhhh
    Marissa: that's called the Circle of Life. hahahahah. did you think it had some swahili name?
  • Name one of the last 10 vice presidents
    Marissa: I don't know any
    Kelly (who is a genius at politics): just guess someone
    Marissa: Hilary Clinton. Wasn't she Obama's for a little bit?
    Kelly making a gawk face!
    Marissa: ok ok nevermind!
    Kelly: Marissa, who is our VP right now?
    Marissa: oh oh oh oh that guy who got shot. or shot someone. while hunting or something.
    Kelly and Lance: hahahahahah NO that was dick cheney. he was bush's vp. oh my!!
ope!! as you can see. we are for sure the brightest crayons in the box. 
ps did anyone pronounce crayons as crowns when they were little? i did. and it took until i was 14 for someone to convince me that crayons was the noun for that word. i always thought crayons was a brand like crayola is. embarassing.
ps crayons- that was one of the questions:
what are the 8 colors in the orginial crayon box?
most popular answer
least popular

do you think you would be very good at this game? we were.... and then at times weren't.
i love it!! random facts are now floating in my brain. this will come in handy during cash cab! millionaire! jeopardy! etc!


Emily said...

I said "crans" instead of crayons until I was 20. I said it after Josh got back from Chile and Josh thought is was an English word he didn't remember. LOL

Phil, Lacey & Gabe said...

Sounds fun! If you're around while we're in Utah, let's play!

Amanda said...

I want to play!!! Christmas Break?