Thursday, December 27, 2012


This is a little session of mom, taryn, and i debating on who was the most fierce. who could beat up the other one. who could win in a full on street brawl. who had the strongest punch. who was the most hoodrat!!
you know! your normal family dinner conversations! for the record- taryn had the strongest single punch. she had good follow-through. i need to work on that. but we decided i would win at an actual fight! and my mom is the prettiest. unrelated but she had to win at something and she did at her beauty- with flying colors!

cray cray christmas

Fun fact: I haven't been home for Christmas in four years! Since the Christmas before I studied abroad in France! crazy stuff huh?! 
2009- my fam came up to Utah
2010- mission
2011- anderson christmas with elder anderson coming home
it feels soooo good to be home for over two weeks!! it's been a week so far and it's going fantastic! so many adventures, laughs, weirdos (aka us), and fun times!
we have played a lot of games! volltensocpong, wits and wagers, taboo, name game, wall ball, basketball, pacman tag, frisbee, crash bandicoot, mafia, xbox dance central, pino and acha, pictionary, password, etc!! 

this was a pre-christmas activity! we made plates of cookies and then delivered them to people's houses via caroling! chase worked very hard on these two cookies while everyone else frosted all the ones to the left...... he's an artist. he can't be rushed. he carved his own shapes and made his own path of frosting iced beauties. hahaha! 

we have been hottubbing a lot. and this is how taylor looks afterwards. he is quite the hunky stud. obvy!

the schroedter house is quite the hotspot! a crowded house of loved ones! it's good to play games with everyone and their other half. the more the merrier. caleb is officially the 9th wheel- but he doesn't notice. he's 10! this is grant's petite amie- dani! she's pretty great and we haven't scared her away yet- aka she has tough skin with a high tolerance of crazy! 

Christmas Eve we reinacted the Nativity Story! of course! I was Mary. Chase wanted to be my husband- naturally...........but he made a better donkey. in no way a pun! 

i swaddled baby Jesus like a pro!
baby Jesus- what it's all about!

 Christmas morning Caleb woke up at 4:30 and was so excited that Santa came. he slept at the foot of my parent's bed until 6.
according to my mom- she didn't get much sleep cuz she kept hearing "i'm so excited! i'm just so excited" every now and then. cute!
i wish all the grandkids coulda been here! but skyping them was a-dor-a-ble, too!!

this pretty much sums us up- it's 6 am- no place to judge!
 but here is the other pic that is more public friendly.

of course after such an early morning- taryn i had to take a nap. 
you know you woke up early when you are taking a nap from 8-10 am!
what a delicious breakfast and morning of presents, giving, and love! 

yesterday we went to the most amazing place (apparently there is a new place like it in Provo- Hang Time [click on it for more info- supposedly $10 a person. cheaper than houston! worth it! we'll be there!]) 
this place was called SkyZone. you had trampolines everywhere. also sections of trampolines for basketball, foam pit, and dodgeball. Dodgeball was definitely our favorite! We'd have 15 on 15. I learned a ton of strangers' names, gained a reputation, and made besties with some black sisters! it was super fun!

my fav thing about being home for christmas is spending time with my family! and another great perk- delicious food but just as much active exercising to counter it! everyday we are working out, biking, skyzoning, volltensocponging, running, etc! so it's the best of both worlds! eat eat eat! calorie burning calorie burning! guiltless guiltless guiltless!

one example of our little work outs. this is taryn and i doing what we do best. hahahahahahahaahah.
dance central 2 on the xbox kinect (boys christmas present) -the lovely xbox caught this amazing pic!  taryn has an xbox too so she's bringing it to provo and we're gonna be getting cray cray!

spectators- danny didn't love dancing as much as us- but she got up there quite a bit! proud! this pic...... sums them up pretty much.

today, chase had his first taste of the great texan Whataburger! he was more than impressed. delicious. and i like this pic cuz my hair looks cute :) conceited!

another couple just as cute....... shifty eyes.......

ok well i shall write more later. happy christmas break! get a little cray cray- you'll feel better :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Our Lovely Temple Square

I had such an amazing night last night at Temple Square! I went with one of my companions, her husb, and some friends. We took the front runner and it was actually a great, smooth ride. The city really did a good job with that set up!
This is the Chase face. He's not looking forward to all the pics I'm about to force upon him :) 
We're waiting for the train. 
 Stop at the Tabernacle
had some tender moments with Chase (esp in the small film: God's Plan For His Family)
Chase talked to me about how he finally sees how it must have been for me to serve there and then have to leave such an amazing mission! We talked to some amazing Temple Square sisters, gave some referrals, and totally shared some spiritual moments! What an uplifting!
what a great group of friends!
p.s. it's been snowing like the dickens!! for the past 24 hours!
hopefully it won't slow us down on our way up to the Forgotten Carols tonight. 
what a great week and tomorrow at the crack of dawn- aka 5 am- we'll be on our way to Texas! you better be good to us snow!

Monday, December 17, 2012

just like Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve, the Andersons go to Grandma and Grandpa's for a family Christmas party! This year a lot of us are at our in-laws or having a surgery or what not for the actual Eve night- so we had the party last night! The food was delicious! The company was amazing! The games were entertaining! The conversation was flowing! The presents were awesome! And the spirit of love was abound!
 Some of the fam! 
(please notice Chase and Bryton's "ciara face"- is Troy doing it too? 
What the! hahahah. we LOVE you, Ciara! 
and Ci, you are actually making a perfectly cute face in this pic!)

 Grandma Sheryl makes matching PJs for the single grandkids (or great-grandkids now) every year! She is so talented! and I'm now inspired to make myself a night gown (like Char). I'm serious!
 I love these clowns 
and I also love my new present from Grandma and Grandpa Pearson!
Grandma also makes quilts for all of her grandkids- not every year! I held onto Chase's quilt and loved on it while he was in Brazil and now it's one of the many layers on our bed right now! It is so warm and beautiful! 
Well this year, the in-laws received their own blankets! Me and Kina were tickled! We are officially initiated and obsessing over our blankets! 
Mine is rainbow animal print with a pink back! Grandma and Tracy said it screamed me when they saw the fabric and they were spot on! Perfection!
Their house is so cute and decorated amazing for Christmas- so of course I captured this magical moment with my favorite Christmas treat! It's crazy to think that last year (old blog post) we were reunited after the mish and starting this amazing chapter! I can remember the Christmas Eve party last year and all the overwhelming emotions! 
What a great blessing my family is to me!

Also side note- when we were at the in-law Andersons before the party- we exchanged Christmas presents since we'll be in Texas for Christmas this year. They lead us out to the garage and said "a brand new car" and we laughed.... but honestly, when we got to the garage, we saw this!!! It felt like a brand new car! I couldn't believe it! What an extravagant, perfect gift! Thank you so much, Dave and Julie! And Chad and Kina for the sweeeeet utensil/cooking set to go with it! Yes, we will have to chain it up like crazy with four steel proof covers for our neighborhood- but it's the perfect gift! Chase is extra excited- aka his domain- and I'm excited for the delicious food and bbq gatherings!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Our New Tradition!

Our new tradition will be to have a Christmas party every year!
One tradition I loved having in my fam growing up was game nights! We'd have different families and friends over! Sometimes just our family- either way- games are a part of who I am! It is always amazing. Chase and I have been doing that ourselves since we've been married and tonight we had a big Christmas party! I was nervous for all the time and effort put it. I was nervous for how small our house is. I was nervous if people would come! But all for nothing! It was a smashing success! Thanks to everyone who came!
my effort to be festive! christmas cheer!

People started showing up! We had some food and socializing!

this is the portion of food i prepared but everyone brought a little something something and we had a feast! puppy chow, 7 layer dip, veggies, cookies, popcorn, brownies, cherry 7up, dr pepper, water, candy, fudge, chips, etc!
and then of course we got right to the games! pictionary on white boards! it got intense and was a close game. my team won! no surprise. jk (not about the win- but about the pompous attitude)
it was actually really crazy and we had a lot of ties that we had to re-do! good crowd! good crowd!
then we played the hoola hoop game (aka you all hold hands and have to get a hoola hoop over/under/passed through your body to the next and if the music stops and it's on your left hand- you are out!) a little walmart gift card as the prize! i didn't get any pics of this hilarious throwdown! i was too enthralled in watching and participating that i forgot about documenting! but it was great. trust me! anywho- kelly won! what a talented bending gymnast!
we exchanged white elephant gifts and definitely had some favs! the leathermen swiss army knife. the cookie jars. the fanny pack. the angry birds underwear..... you'll see.

and yes this happened.......
i'm so proud. and ps that angry bird underwear got stolen from me! i was upset. but this picture just might have been worth it! Chase's new mode of carrying his things for school aka fanny pack! 

we then played the name game! 
and then ppl started to leave! ahhh i didn't take enough pics! but i got a few more!
p.s. i got too hot from running around and gettin crazy that i had to change into this lovely tshirt. small detail. 
thanks ali, bryan, annie, lance, aj, becca, jimmy, kristi, millie, kelly, lance, reagan, clark, ashley, brooke, johan, jordan, camilla, and chase for an AWESOME night! Merry Christmas to these loved ones!

also yesterday we gave millie her christmas presents (thanks pappa and grandma in texas!) she loved it! these pics are for you pops and mamma! you have one happy granddaughter! miss you! see you in 4 days!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

one more final!

oh it's a beautiful night! i have one more final (aka oral presentation!) tomorrow!!! it should be cake! so i feel home free already! so much is going on these next few days and i'm stoked.
babysitting tomorrow night
chase's ward basketball game saturday
our first hosted christmas party saturday evening (this party is gonna be legen-dary and i've put so much work into it! i hope it goes like my mind's eye sees it! so grateful to be able to throw a party for some serious loved ones!)
[p.s. kelly (publicly i'd like to) thank you for the allowance of th usurption and passing up a free jazz game for my (originally yours before the usurping) party]
sunday is grandma sheryl's christmas party
monday is a tsquare night with some husbands and mish buddies
and tuesdays has potential!
then wednesday....... TEXAS!!!
now if you want to stalk me- you can! i make it so easy with this blog!

so my day started off with a little bit of this at work!
then chase got sick while i was at work. so when i came home, we watched diary of a mad black woman (best seller right there!) it was his first time watching it even though i swear that's impossible. say what?? he sees where many of my life quotes come from now! but honestly!! i can't see myself marrying someone without them approving of this fantastic movie first! good thing he loved it after the permanent serious sealing! oh this diary of this mad crazy hilarious black woman!! my favorite movie! then it's white chicks. then robin hood men in tights. you see my style. 

also today, i went over to becca's and we did this. thank goodness she has a machine that can cut vinyl- hand painting this? no thanks! 
we bought the wood from home depot, paint, vinyl, etc! it turned out fantastic! 

and then a little bit of this happened. left over paint. and yes it is from home depot so i'm pretty sure it won't wash off. chase is still wearing it cuddled up in bed with a tummy ache. hahahahaha (not the ache part but the paint part.)
we went to walmart to buy the mountainous supplies for our party! while he looked like Mr. Stache Creep! but anywho, it got me so excited for saturday and gave me so many laughs for all the stares we received at walmart- if walmart people are staring at you- you know you got hillbilly weirdo issues. yes, yes, we do! what a nutcase that i feel so blessed to have and to hold who makes me laugh constantly!

ok i need to keep practicing my presentation!! until next time!

Monday, December 10, 2012

a not so bad monday!

we're just laying back and watching one of my favs..... the swan princess! it really is a fantastic movie! now millie is seeing the joy. well currently she is jumping from ottoman to cushion but she was loving it!
it's finals week. happy day. luckily, my senior self has it pretty easy this semester! i already finished 3.5 finals and i have 1.5 left (and those 1.5 are scheduled. one of those is a oral presentation en anglais! my powerpoint is already done! so nbd!)
today we had a mini blizzard. the sun is out somewhat now so that's nice! the fallen snow with the bright sun- perfect snow playing weather!
this last weekend was great. work party. ward party. took some finals. oh christmas season is in full swing!!
there is so much to be grateful for! let's count 10 of my blessings:
1. consistent scripture study and couples study that has been habitual as of late- crucial for my testimony in Jesus. it feels great to have His Spirit and the Christmas Spirit (one in the same?) abiding in our home.
2. happy marriage to chase
3. final sprint towards graduation and my amazing time at byu
4. little millie moo time
5. extended family and friends- esp our upcoming christmas party and the upcoming texas adventure
6.  swan princess and other love stories that inspire me
7. more free time that allows me to read whatever i so desire- i've been trying to read life of pi since august- i'm finally getting some pages read! half way i'd say. and i just found out they've made a movie- parfait timing!
8. christmas traditions
9. netflix- no joke! genius of an invention and an admirable price!
10. this beautiful home that we have made our own
11. i can't stop at 10. my health has been pretty good considering! looks like the stress of marriage isn't too much for my fragile little body to handle- it's been going great digestively. well great to my standards!
12. this amazing christmas season and the fact that it turns so many to christ- even if it only is christmas mass once a year- it's something! and it's a magical time!

well i'll continue my gratitude in my mind. and for now-
i captured some cute pics so i must blog them up!

the other day we were going to go see the lights at the riverwoods but she fell asleep in the car. and i had no stroller. so we just made it a nice drive. we must see t2 (temple square) this year of course, too. perhaps through the front runner?
it officially opened for service today but on saturday they had it open as a free day for anyone. hence the lines. i live about three blocks from this location so it's sweet! except a sketch place to leave thousands of cars parked and unattended all day. 
i'm excited to go up to layton this way from now on! and t2!oh oh city creek!
i made this binder of stories, songs, and scriptures to go with my ornament/tree craft of 25 days of christmas calendar!
first page (for each day) is a scritpure from Luke 2 or Matthew 2. and a song.
then there is a great christmas story to share and warm your hearts for each day, too.!
here are some links to some of my fav stories. and if you want the whole binder attachment- i could email it to you :) anywho. some of my fav christmas stories!
and 21 more
we had some fun in the snow today! we tried to build a snowman but i'm not very good at it and it was already melting. so we took a stroll around the neighborhood and millie got the VIP seat.

she was super happy to be out in the snow- don't let this pic fool you. i had to bribe her with a movie to get her inside- don't want her getting pneumonia on my watch!
us enjoying the movie!! my little love bug.

you can see our canoodling doesn't bother millie's entrapment with the show at all. not one bit.
 the king (odette's dad- what is his name? i'm watching it and i can't even remember) just died. tough scene! "it's not what it seems!" 
King William- it just came to me when proofreading! yes!

my blog has become so engrossed in pictures. i don't know what i'd really talk about without them :) a pic makes every post better! ok over and out- a dirty diaper is calling my name and a choking hazard! urgent!