Sunday, January 29, 2012

new passion: BMX and ghost hunting!

So this weekend has been great!
I didn't get as much homework done as I'd like but I got enough done to consider myself a good student. And i have planned a great week to execute the rest!
It's already 10:30 pm and I need to sleep! So let me just quickly recap :) pictures and videos tell the story the best anyways!!!
Friday night, chase and i spent time with laur, dall, and nick! we stayed up till 1:30! laughing, talking, playing, watching tron! it was much needed! my life is starting to feel like one complete fitted happy life! 
one big happy family! us all are about to be sealed soon! weird!!

so i'm not used to staying up so late...... so i got some nice sleepy sleep sleeping in time saturday and then it was straight to homework and other pressing matters. after most of my to-do list was done..... i found myself partaking on this adventure.
sorry the video is sideways!
ps i'm sooooooooooooooo impressed, shocked, and elated that chase actually assisted me and taught me how to become a BMX lover! he's so overprotective with my safety sometimes!!! but this lovely afternoon- i got to be adventurous!!! i caught on pretty quick.... if i do say so myself! i had a lot more victorious runs than disastrous runs- but i opted to show the funny, more precarious moments!!! (ps on the second try... i did take off but there was one problem.... chase didn't tell me how to stop. so chase forgets the video and chases me down the street FREAKING OUT and shouting instructions at me on how to stop!! hahaha too bad he didn't get the whole thing on video. as you can see- he didn't care about videoing and just took off after me!!!!!
then later that night (to say thank you for our brian reagan outing and all they do for us- chase and i [with the help of chad, kina, bryton, ty ty, etc]) planned a beautiful romantic evening for dave and julie! fondue dinner! a delicious sauce with chicken, steak, and shrimp! and for desert- chocolate fondue with apple, banana, rice krispie, and donut slices!!! chase and i were doting waiters. complete with refills, music, picture-service, valet, candles, etc!!! 
after they were done chase and i got to partake of the left overs and left over romantic ambiance! it was such a success!!!
then we left the lovebirds alone for the night and took the kids out with us!!!
all is well and beautiful in the world!!!
so to leave them in peace..... we were off to our next adventure for this pack-full saturday! we took bryton, ciara, and nathan to the haunted old abandoned insane asylum in the outskirts of tooele. no one knows about it. pretty sure it's trespassing. and its absolutely terrifying! i was afraid the andersons (who are hard to scare and freak out) wouldn't be scared but they were absolutely freaked out of their minds!!! oh man!!!!! it's hard to explain how absolutely mortifying this place is!!! but if you're into that stuff and ever in town- i'll host you on this adventure, too. oh man!!! we are walking through this abandoned building with broken windows, glass everywhere, furnaces that want to eat you, every shadow that looks like a ghost, and etc.... i am BEGGING to leave and chase just tells me to hold on to him and close my eyes. i do that for about 10 minutes (eyes shut tight and just crunching on broken glass) and finally i can't take it anymore! i beg him to take me back to the car. then VERY unselfishly, i say that if ciara stays in the car with me with the doors locked, the boys can go back in for TEN MINUTES max and then i'm driving away with or without them. do you know how terrifying it is to sit in a car alone in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere!! man that was nice of me!! so we sit there and try to think of happy thoughts! the boys go back and get some more chills!!  almost poop there pants. come running back to the car (which was terrifying to see in the rear view) and we drive away almost crying from horror!!! 
hahaha what a successful night! chase loves being scared! halloween is his favorite holiday- yeah sorry jesus holidays and birthday- you can't compete with halloween with chase! and he even loves walking outside at 3 in the morning alone just to get that prickly feeling up his neck! yep, i'm in love with a disturbed weirdo!!! but he's my disturbed weirdo :) hahahah nonetheless- i was proud that i held true to my word that this place would be absolutely worth it to drive out there!! and that even CHASE would feel eerie, frightened, and spooked out!!!! i don't disappoint :)

ah what a beautiful saturday!!! now to today!
after church, chase and i were discussing how amazing ward conference was! then ciara came into to chat with us! sometimes as we chat with people, we start kissing..... ciara captured the moment. that's nice.

then for the rest of the day!!! as we worshipped and kept christ in our hearts all day! like we do every day :)...... we also found the time to watch two movies, took some food and bathroom breaks, but really just cranked out this HUGE project as we watched movies.......
it's such a huge task organizing all my letters but it's joyful! i'm quite the writer and two years can really pile up oodles and oodles of letter!!s
i kept chase's letters organized throughout the two years BUT missionaries cannot keep massive binders all in order with all the other priorities they have and boys are not quite as organized and the same kind of planners that girls can be! hey, at least chase kept all my letters safe! 

oh what a great weekend!!! now onto my intense week!!! i'll be begging for the weekend this week but it will be great!!! never had such challenges with focusing on school- it's hard when school isn't your first priority ;)
i'm grateful for my education and my personal life and my work and all things God has provided!!!! 
one great thing about Chase being home..... I can call him or text him or see him whenever I want! Chase sent me these two pic messages this week!!! Oh how beautiful to have an unconditional, fulfilling, thrilling, amazing love!!!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

white-field provo

this week. it was a bad week. a bad one. i don't wanna recap it because i don't really wanna remember it. it's resolved for now and i'm moving forward! i don't wanna turn into a pillar of salt!

so this week was bad. but this evening was amazing.
why? i went out with the sister missionaries. yeah, i was excited to see what being a provo sister missionary would be like, too!! and let me just say- it was awesome. it's already dear to my heart! and it's going to become a habit to tract with them, go on splits with them, and serve those beautiful provo sisters!!!

so many people to visit. so much progress. so much work to be done! there is so much work right outside my front door!

it motivates me to be a better missionary every day even in PROVO!!! (and not just for people in the temple!) but for people kickin' it right here in utah with their hearts still beatin'!!!

so i picked up sis quennily (we went on splits) and we went to our first appointment. to elliot's apartment. he's been investigating for a while. i was excited to hear what the Spirit would have us say. As we're driving, sis q is telling me some about him..... wait what?? where is he from? SINGAPORE!? you gotta be kidding me! what are the odds. what an IN!!
so that was cool. i told him about some of my LDS singaporean friends at byu (he's met them all a couple times but he seems pretty shy so it didn't blossom into much of a friendship. i'll fix that! i know just the guy to bring elliot under his wing!!) and it might be good for elliot to have a singaporean sit in and help answer some of his q's too. the conversation was going pretty good.... but there was a spirit there. a spirit i was very familiar with.... esp because of temple square. the "anti" spirit. unfortunately elliot has been learning A LOT about mormons from non-mormons. not the best idea. but we won't give up. we might have to have the faith to drop. but i know he is here AT BYU OF ALL PLACES for a reason. he is a bright young man! and he'll def be in my prayers tonight!

then we went to the next appointment..... idona! where is he from? haiti?! what does he speak? FRENCH and creole!!! i got to use my French and it was just another amazing experience. fortunately, this one had the right spirit- the POWERFUL Holy Spirit!!!! Idona is getting baptized this Saturday evening!! I'm invited- I don't think I can go but I fully support it. It was amazing being a part of his journey even just for one night! His testimony is strong! He has such support from the ward already (ward missionary is a RM from West Indies French speaking!) His neighbor Coleman served in Haiti. His brother got baptized last year! It's just a great support group! And i loved hearing creole- I could understand it! maybe that's what portuguese speakers feel like when they hear spanish!!

i loved utilizing my french, my experiences in singapore, and my testimony of the gospel tonight! the field is white and already for harvesting! even in provo!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


chase and i found a new way to entertain ourselves!!! the jazzy chair game 2! (the first game is to ride them around the neighborhood as we are polygy hunting)
this game is great because...
  1. i feel like i'm a race car driver!
  2. i clean the floor
  3. i feel subordinate
  4. it's slidey and fun
chase: Ah good. my woman always dragging behind me and letting me control her.
me: oh i have a bright future ahead of me :)

b reagan!!!

the day started off great. got some hw and cleaning done! went to laur and d's and got a present!!! what a little sweetie. it's a toothbrush that sings j bieb songs for 2 minutes so you can know you brushed your teeth for the full two minutes. seriously the perfect gift!!! esp since i had to use chase's tbrush that very morning! hahahahahahah. tmi. tmi. i know.
then our lovely little double couples played some games. laur and d got this game for christmas. hahahaha. we loved it!
and of course we played some of our original game! taboo!!! oh that reminds me that i need to update the taboo tab!
then after some wonderful much-needed time with that lovely pair we were off to b.reagan!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my heck i'm so giddy just thinking about last night!!! it was incredible. soooooo hilarious. luckily the whole audience was laughing just as much as me and my huge booming laugh didn't stick out too much!!!! it was such a good night!
lovely dinner with some brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles. parents, loveliness!!! 
oh that's just wonderful.
chase and bryton acted like a couple throughout the night. that was nice for me.

so me and ciara one upped 'em!
we got to the show!
soooooo excited. i loved the opening act, too. joe bolster. he is hilariuos!! got our vocal chords all laughed up and warmed up for brian reagan!!
oh some of the clan! ready for the action to start!
sweet sweet kisses!
a blink of an eye was worth it for eternity :)
bryton was so over taking pics! 

 ciara illegaly took some pics. no flash allowed or she'd have gotten caught. good work cici.

 NOW WE MUST REALLY BE OFF!!! we have to meet with the bishop in 12 minutes to get our new CALLINGS!!!! i wonder what they'll be :) good thing church is half a block away so we won't be late!!!!!
ready for a good sabbath!!! xoxoxoxox

 it's a battle to get him to really kiss me.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

good deal

oh yesterday was such a beautiful day!! everyday is such a blessing. "oh what a blessing" as chase would say. he normally says it when something horrible is occurring or someone is in pain- but he has a point. no matter how horrible life is= we are still given this chance to live! it's better than not coming to live at all or dying before we're ready!!!
we all wanted to come to earth so it is a blessing. click here if that confused you.
anyways. so yesterday really was a blessing. not in the ironic, i'm trying to be positive when my life sucks kind of way. it really was great!!
i'll give you three reasons it was such a blessing!!
1. Milliekins time!!! Chase, Mills, and I spent the afternoon with my goddaughter and biff (biff is the phonetic sounding of bff)!!!
hahahah millie is sporting the schroeder, open-mouthed, stunned face!!! love it!

oh she was just eating everything and kept saying "more more" in sign language and with her words! what a cutie pie!!!

she had such a good, exhausting day!!!
what an angel!! 

2. Number two! I remembered I had completely filled out a Plato's Closet bonus card and could therefore get 20% off a purchase! It took some convincing for Chase to accompany me and support my decision to go (because we have a lot to be saving for and are trying to be frugal. it's a struggle for me. i am nervous for when reality is gonna hit me hard upside the head!) but no fear because yesterday's trip to Plato's in draper was worth it! very much so!!! why????? they're having a KILLER sale plus my 20% off..... so I got these FOUR items ALL for a total of only $8.98!!!! did you hear me? $8.98!!! yes that's right! you heard me right! $8.98!!!!!
just a fuzzy comfy zip up hoodie!

a peacoat

a cutie mc-cute cute scarf
and a wonderful windbreaker!!!

 CAN YOU BELIEVE THE DEAL? STEAL? SNAG? WONDERFULNESS OF A GOOD SALE!!! oh i love it! four legit items for $8.98!! i'd head over there if i was you!

3. third!!! a beautiful evening with my man and some of his crew!
so last night we were going to go rock climbing for $5 for a beautiful double date. that is another awesome deal...... oh wait....... half of the salt lake valley thought so too!! so we saw the long line, opted out, and went midnight bowling instead!!!
before that- just chase and i watched a french movie i bought the other day- it was hilarious and a good one! and i was happy and frustrated at how much french i knew and how much vocab i still need to learn!!! 
anyways. so we headed out for our double date with austin and brittnee after some snuggle movie time! 
i love making new friends (old friends to chase) and laughing and bowling (well actually i'm not the best bowling fan but i had fun last night. i beat chase one game so that was a bonus! he beat me the other two times for the record.) 
i just love having a ball! pun intended!
ps cool fact. Austin (and God's priesthood) baptized Brittnee a week and a half ago! Oh i love conversion! and love stories! and just God's hand in our lives!! Austin and Chase went to high school together. I loved hearing them share some good, embarrassing, hooligan, nostalgic stories!! They were crazy scoundrels! hahaha. I loved last night and all I learned!! 
Like Brittnee's cool story and her strong soul!! Brittnee came up to Westminster from Colorado (Colorado produces good women!) and now she goes to the U. I can't be upset that she is a ute.... because that's how she met Austin! I was outnumbered with U fans yesterday but I just clung to my Y waterbottle and tried to talk up the Y casually throughout the night! hahaha.
it doesn't really matter anymore because where does Chase go to school??? oh yeah that's right!! the Y!! so whenever I get too heated or the convo isn't going in my favor- i just throw that question out and it shuts the convo right up!!!
i can't wait to meet up with Austin and Brit again to play games! apparently brittnee is hardcore and good! we decided we will play boys vs girls and cream 'em!!! 

Austin and Brittnee.
Me and Chase! Chase is the one on the left (hahahahahahahaha reference to my Dad. I know I know, dad! No one likes to be ridiculed!!)

Ok well i really must shower, do homework, and get my life together! then some L&D time! then some dinner and Brian Reagan family time!!!! i LOVE Brian Reagan...... so i'm super duper uber stoked!!! I can't wait to laugh taboo-ishly loud and cause social discomfort to those around me as I cackle my loud boisterous laugh! Gosh, I cannot wait for Reagan!!!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

he needs me

today was going to be amazing going to a live sesh at the salt lake temple. chase and i drive all the way down there..... the temple is closed! crap! i really wanted to do a live sesh this week! and i was already stressed about how much gas money i'm spending these days. prideful!! oh my slc temple. i feel so bonded with you! xoxoxoxoi was in a sad mood. but then changed my attitude and we went to a sesh at the draper temple! it was beautiful! i am excited to go to a live sesh once the slc temple opens back up!!! oh yes siree! today was just a good day. chill. productive. full of beauty!

life is good!!! this is such a good life! ugh chase is whining- i better go give him some attention. boy, i love that boy!

oh dang. today is my dad's birthday! i didn't forget but i was going to write a whole blogpost about just his amazingness..... but i can't right now becuase chase is literally being so annoying singing this: "i'm all alone. no one is here to console me. you'd rather blog than hold my hand. and tell me everything is going to be okay. i'm gonna sleep alone. i'm gonna wake alone. i'm gonna cry all day alone." hahahahahahahah i'm literally typing this as he's singing. he has no idea. " i'm gonna feel alone and be alone while i'm alone. because they like the blog. the blog is the devil. while we go down to the river to blog. da da da da that good ole blog. and all night blog. i tell my stories to my blog. but don't worry about chase. he's all alone. he's alone and i'll blog. chase is alone. he's all alone. but it's okay cuz i'm blogging. i'm not even listening to chase's song because my fingers are blogging. my blog is so great. i think i wanna marry it. i hope the blog puts a ring on my finger. blog blog blog. i'm a big fat blog. i like to talk about marissa's blog. i have a hundred followers and they all are creepers because they follow my blog. people love my blog because i talk bad about chase and because he sits there all alone. my fingers type on my blog. blog blog. i'm dreaming of a time when i'm not alone. when marissa doesn't need to blog. this time will be so amazing because someone will love me instead of an internet program called a blog......" hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahah you see what i mean. i cannot breathe!!! this whole song has been switching to different popular toons! hahahahahahahahahahahhaha. gotta go.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

baby myles

it's nights like these that you have to believe in a loving Heavenly Father and in the possibility and happening of modern miracles!!
tonight i got to visit the lovely Moody family in the hospital!
i remember when this little bundle of heaven was in Mary's belly and we would sit in the temple every week together just thinking of how precious he was growing inside her!!!
Mary delivered a healthy, adorable, perfect baby boy! and Taylor stood by her side and did such a good job doing all he could.... which isn't much. men! they have it easy!! anyways.
they make adorable parents! i am so grateful i am in this state and here at this time so i could visit and be apart of their little miracle for just a few moments.
i am humbled and full of such love for them, their new Myles, this gospel, and eternal families! CONGRATULATIONS MOODYs!!!!
you have a permanent babysitter, prayer-giver, and moody-fan in me :) i love y'all!!!
the new moody family! new and improved!

you see.... he is yawning in this pic. but when i was holding him he sucked in a cry and held it for like three minutes. i kept prodding 'breathe baby breathe' it was way too long to go without exhaling a cry! the nurse was in the room so we felt safe but it was crazy! the boy has mad lung skills!! what a perfect angel. i thought he was the most adorable crier!!

opening his perfect eyes!!! 

yes i realize i look more pregnant than her! that's nice!!! i love mary! i can't express it enough!! she has been a life saving sweetheart baby love honey pie since fifth grade to me! what a babe and she is the best at being a bestie!!

me holding little myles taylor moody. born january 16, 2011. sweet sweet baby boy. love him so much. 

Monday, January 16, 2012


he beats me!! well actually he doesn't beat me in the competitive way or in the actual physical abusive way.....but he does beat me in kinect boxing!!!
he handles losing better than me actually!!! what a sweetie to lose so graciously!
oh yeah go go go!!! fun sunday night family activity!
dinner at chad and kina's since the anderson's house is a construction zone! thanks kina for the deliciousness!!!
so my weekend has been just what i needed. pretty low key. my health got some rejuvenation in the bones and blood and organs and all other bodily necessities!!!
what we do on a friday night!! tape up everything, paint the ceiling, rip out the carpet, tear our the cabinets, etc. etc!!!!

saturday at chase's basketball game! where i got recruited (since i'm officially in the bdale ward) for the ward's girl's basketball team. hahahahaha this outta be interesting. considering chase's ward is mainly old retired people! and i don't play basketball!
after some homework gets done today, chase will use dave's keys and get us into the gym and he's gonna condition me for this important league i've joined!

after chase's basketball game on saturday........ he showered and got ready to go out. our plans got changed. but he still wanted to go out. sooooo...... chase remembered how bryton lost a bet and bryton owed him this!!! so me and ciara getting bryton all dolled up to go out on the town!

hahahahahahahahah. don't worry. we put a cardigan on those musclular manly arms.

hahahahahahahahah he's ready to go!!!!!!
yes we are 22 year olds fitting right in with the 16 year olds.
we went to the district to make sure people would see him. EVERYONE noticed. prolly because he couldn't walk in my high-heeled lace up boots. good thing i have man-sized feet!!! hahaha. i'm surprised at how often people are looking at others and not just doing their own thing. hilarious! people even called him out. a mother asked him what he did to deserve this? we had to leave only after a little bit because bry was getting soooo angry and seriously almost cried from anger. hahahaha. we are good to each other. when chase loses the next bet, bryton is going to wax his legs. i don't know what's worse- the waxing or the fact that bryton is going to do it.

hahahahahahah. then bryton changed a little bit AKA put on my skinny jeans, ciara's leather jacket, switched shoes with me, but still couldn't get his eyeliner off! hahaha. he now just looked gay- he handled that better.
and we went to see footloose at the dollar theater!
oh footloose!! i love the old one and maybe even the new one more!! i know that's blasphemy but i am obsessed! third time in the theaters!!! can't wait to buy it next month and watch it everyday with ciara!! even chase and bryton liked it :) !!!

ok well homework is calling my name!! i wish it was 1 pm so i would have done it all already and i could go play some bball! aka learn how to play some bball!