Wednesday, January 11, 2012


today started off with all kind of bad aches. i haven't been doing well physically. in fact it's been quite scary. so today i was grateful to go to the doctor (the second time in my life i willingly and anxiously wanted to go to the doctor.) i got some answers, i got some solutions, i got some hope to look forward to. so starting off with bad aches. also it was a bad ache when i realized i lost my water bottle while at the doctors office!!! no worries- i got a new one!! 50% at the bookstore. go be a copy cat! i love it!!
so the last time i can remember having my beloved waterbottle. i'm 99% sure i left it in the doctor's office. 

 but it's okay!!! this one is blue (aka better than red!) and bigger!!! and witha grippy/keep-it-cool band!! and it's a cougar fan! and it's sexy! woo woo woo!

so the doctors. NO fun but necessary.

but the day ended with good aches!

i have just spent the last ten minutes laughing by myself in my room. ok maybe not ten minutes. but HONESTLY at least four minutes straight. it's the silent type laughter because i can't breathe i'm laughing so hard. more like gasping with laughter in the exhales. i think i just needed a good laugh so i let myself laugh as long as i wanted. why was i laughing so much? hence:

Randomly Chase text me at 6:06 pm....... this is how the convo reads


obedient woman you have!!

That's going on my blog

Hahahaha that's real! Still laughing.
 Can't breathe. that's why the laugh is so suffocatingly sqeaky.

oh man!! that was our texting convo. he hasn't written back so i guess that means he is cool with me posting it on the blog. better to ask forgiveness than permission. i have missed texting this fool for the past years! aka fool is a compliment in my vocab these days! i love him so much and am graetful for all the laughter he provides. with him. at him. for him. because of him. etc. sooooo hilarious! it surprises me how he still surprises me. his jokes are sometimes so shockingly funny, i forget how funny he is! or he does something so off the wall, i forget how spontaneous he is. or he sends me a video that reminds me of so many past missionary tapes and hilarious moments! PLEASE tell me you laughed, too!!

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