Sunday, January 22, 2012

b reagan!!!

the day started off great. got some hw and cleaning done! went to laur and d's and got a present!!! what a little sweetie. it's a toothbrush that sings j bieb songs for 2 minutes so you can know you brushed your teeth for the full two minutes. seriously the perfect gift!!! esp since i had to use chase's tbrush that very morning! hahahahahahah. tmi. tmi. i know.
then our lovely little double couples played some games. laur and d got this game for christmas. hahahaha. we loved it!
and of course we played some of our original game! taboo!!! oh that reminds me that i need to update the taboo tab!
then after some wonderful much-needed time with that lovely pair we were off to b.reagan!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my heck i'm so giddy just thinking about last night!!! it was incredible. soooooo hilarious. luckily the whole audience was laughing just as much as me and my huge booming laugh didn't stick out too much!!!! it was such a good night!
lovely dinner with some brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles. parents, loveliness!!! 
oh that's just wonderful.
chase and bryton acted like a couple throughout the night. that was nice for me.

so me and ciara one upped 'em!
we got to the show!
soooooo excited. i loved the opening act, too. joe bolster. he is hilariuos!! got our vocal chords all laughed up and warmed up for brian reagan!!
oh some of the clan! ready for the action to start!
sweet sweet kisses!
a blink of an eye was worth it for eternity :)
bryton was so over taking pics! 

 ciara illegaly took some pics. no flash allowed or she'd have gotten caught. good work cici.

 NOW WE MUST REALLY BE OFF!!! we have to meet with the bishop in 12 minutes to get our new CALLINGS!!!! i wonder what they'll be :) good thing church is half a block away so we won't be late!!!!!
ready for a good sabbath!!! xoxoxoxox

 it's a battle to get him to really kiss me.

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Kelly said...

b reagan stands for baby reagan, right?