Tuesday, January 17, 2012

baby myles

it's nights like these that you have to believe in a loving Heavenly Father and in the possibility and happening of modern miracles!!
tonight i got to visit the lovely Moody family in the hospital!
i remember when this little bundle of heaven was in Mary's belly and we would sit in the temple every week together just thinking of how precious he was growing inside her!!!
Mary delivered a healthy, adorable, perfect baby boy! and Taylor stood by her side and did such a good job doing all he could.... which isn't much. men! they have it easy!! anyways.
they make adorable parents! i am so grateful i am in this state and here at this time so i could visit and be apart of their little miracle for just a few moments.
i am humbled and full of such love for them, their new Myles, this gospel, and eternal families! CONGRATULATIONS MOODYs!!!!
you have a permanent babysitter, prayer-giver, and moody-fan in me :) i love y'all!!!
the new moody family! new and improved!

you see.... he is yawning in this pic. but when i was holding him he sucked in a cry and held it for like three minutes. i kept prodding 'breathe baby breathe' it was way too long to go without exhaling a cry! the nurse was in the room so we felt safe but it was crazy! the boy has mad lung skills!! what a perfect angel. i thought he was the most adorable crier!!

opening his perfect eyes!!! 

yes i realize i look more pregnant than her! that's nice!!! i love mary! i can't express it enough!! she has been a life saving sweetheart baby love honey pie since fifth grade to me! what a babe and she is the best at being a bestie!!

me holding little myles taylor moody. born january 16, 2011. sweet sweet baby boy. love him so much. 

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