Monday, January 16, 2012


he beats me!! well actually he doesn't beat me in the competitive way or in the actual physical abusive way.....but he does beat me in kinect boxing!!!
he handles losing better than me actually!!! what a sweetie to lose so graciously!
oh yeah go go go!!! fun sunday night family activity!
dinner at chad and kina's since the anderson's house is a construction zone! thanks kina for the deliciousness!!!
so my weekend has been just what i needed. pretty low key. my health got some rejuvenation in the bones and blood and organs and all other bodily necessities!!!
what we do on a friday night!! tape up everything, paint the ceiling, rip out the carpet, tear our the cabinets, etc. etc!!!!

saturday at chase's basketball game! where i got recruited (since i'm officially in the bdale ward) for the ward's girl's basketball team. hahahahaha this outta be interesting. considering chase's ward is mainly old retired people! and i don't play basketball!
after some homework gets done today, chase will use dave's keys and get us into the gym and he's gonna condition me for this important league i've joined!

after chase's basketball game on saturday........ he showered and got ready to go out. our plans got changed. but he still wanted to go out. sooooo...... chase remembered how bryton lost a bet and bryton owed him this!!! so me and ciara getting bryton all dolled up to go out on the town!

hahahahahahahahah. don't worry. we put a cardigan on those musclular manly arms.

hahahahahahahahah he's ready to go!!!!!!
yes we are 22 year olds fitting right in with the 16 year olds.
we went to the district to make sure people would see him. EVERYONE noticed. prolly because he couldn't walk in my high-heeled lace up boots. good thing i have man-sized feet!!! hahaha. i'm surprised at how often people are looking at others and not just doing their own thing. hilarious! people even called him out. a mother asked him what he did to deserve this? we had to leave only after a little bit because bry was getting soooo angry and seriously almost cried from anger. hahahaha. we are good to each other. when chase loses the next bet, bryton is going to wax his legs. i don't know what's worse- the waxing or the fact that bryton is going to do it.

hahahahahahah. then bryton changed a little bit AKA put on my skinny jeans, ciara's leather jacket, switched shoes with me, but still couldn't get his eyeliner off! hahaha. he now just looked gay- he handled that better.
and we went to see footloose at the dollar theater!
oh footloose!! i love the old one and maybe even the new one more!! i know that's blasphemy but i am obsessed! third time in the theaters!!! can't wait to buy it next month and watch it everyday with ciara!! even chase and bryton liked it :) !!!

ok well homework is calling my name!! i wish it was 1 pm so i would have done it all already and i could go play some bball! aka learn how to play some bball!

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