Tuesday, January 10, 2012


i'm finally breathing. like really breathing. the relaxed-yoga kind. where you release all your stress. and intake all the beauty of mother earth. i'm content. i've been sooooooo happy lately but also sooooooo stressed!!!! but right now is a relaxed kind of happy- i've needed this kind of contentment!! i'm just babysitting reagan [while the beautiful lance and kelly are celebrating lance's bday! his official bday today. happy bday lance! you are amazing and thank you for taking care of the best friend! i know its exhausting. you do a good job! love y'all!] also i'm texting my other baby in class. new girl is on in the background. with a pile of clean laundry at my feet. and two subjects of homework done! chase is right- i need to simple my life. which means minimizing my checklist! but regardless if i haven't permanently taken stuff off my weekly list... i did get two tasks checked off! laundry! hw!
i feel restful, happy, and unwound from the day!! tomorrow i'm going to the gi doctor. going to get some help and be even more on my road to relaxed recovery! a little bit of alliteration for ya there! well i'm over blogging right now and on top of relaxing! laters!!!

ps ran into TWO old comps today (one is in my multicultural education class. shout out to sis lj! ali! yah!!) she can spend the whole semester giving me newly-wed advice, too! i love her sooooo much! and ran into sister crandell. and sister carlisle. and sister ith! oh how i love byu. brings all my lives together!! i have so many beautiful lives and chapters in those lives!! hahaha

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Kelly said...

look at my cute baby!!