Friday, January 6, 2012

the color test

so chase is a saint. everyone should know.

i know it.
you should know it.

yesterday i was being a little toosh. i was stressed, overworked, tired, short-tempered, and all things weak!!!
so i go up to bdale for date night and things don't go according to plan!! i like plans. i like following through my plans.
so..... i become a little cranky. just a little ;)
well chase is a sweetie, listened, and did all he could do be a sweetiekins!!! i love him oh so much!! i like to think me and chase are twinners. i like to think that we are both loud, outgoing, spiritual, funny, overcoming in past obstacles, cheerful, happy, thoughtful, lighthearted yet deep, and all these other qualities.
well....... it turns out we are similar..... yet so opposite.

how do i know this? how do i KNOW it and not just believe it? A TEST WE BOTH PASSED/FAILED!!! well you can't really fail this test but it proved me wrong during some instances. and so now i know- me and chase are not twinners. a test never lies.
we took a color personality test. it taught me a lot actually. and it was spot on.

poor chase (he is truly a saint. i wouldn't be surprised if catholics pray through him)- i'm already being a grumpy-pants and he still obliges to take this ridiculous yet real test!!! please read on:

there are 45 questions total
Chase:                     Marissa:
Yellow-21               Red-18
White-13                 Blue- 14
Red-8                      Yellow-8
Blue-3                     White-5

Um................. do you see a problem here? because i do! truly opposite!!!
well, i did see a problem....... then i accepted reality and dealt with it! the book has suggestions for couples like us.........

and i quote "Red-Yellow Relationships: Friendly Fire. This combination of personalities is a vibrant one. Reds and Yellows enjoy verbal bantering and enjoy freedom........ They are adventurous, energetic, and often amaze and muse friends with their zest for living and many accomplishments. They often struggle with self-centeredness of the Yellow and the selfishness of the Red.....This Red-Yellow combinations is the most difficult to maintain a healthy perspective on the other. They have to mold the playfulness of the Yellow and the productivity of the Red...... The Yellow's lack of commitment and Red's demanding nature can prove difficult to combine unless the Red shows great heart and the Yellow develops a responsible nature. On a positive note, they seem to value themselves and feel a commitment to new experiences and challenges in life. Without question this blend has the greatest difficult staying married (ahhhhhhhhhhh aka hahahahahah). When healthy, this blend suffers no emotional baggage and experiences life to the max."

well..... that either motivates me or scares the pants off me.... i go back and forth. hahahah. jk it's all good!!!
good thing i don't depend on the words of taylor hartman to determine my future.

On a different note.
Summary of each of us.
Chase is a Yellow and White blend. What does that mean?? Yellow:value play, needs to looks good socially, hides insecurities, wants happiness, wants freedom, needs playful adventure, welcomes praise, wants to be popular, and likes action. White: is a peacemaker, needs to feel good on the inside, needs space, needs respect, is tolerant, hides insecurities, wants kindness for all, is independent, and wants to be content.
I am a Red and Blue blend. What does that mean?? Red: is motivated by power, needs to look good, needs to be right, needs respect, need approval from those they deem important, hides all insecurities, wants productivity, wants leadership, and wants challenging adventures. Blue: is motivated by intimacy, needs to be morally good, needs to be understood, needs to be accepted, wants to reveal insecurities (that's my NEEDS TO BE HONEST side), wants to be honest, wants quality in their life, wants independence, and wants security.

There are some conflicts with being a blend........ But we are human. We get complicated. We are not all black and white!!! But i think it's pretty accurate.

Now lastly, just for kicks and giggles.
I thought Chase and I were doing great because we agreed on the first 5 answers..... then it went downhill of disagreeing on the last 40. hahaha.
I will be PURPLE 
Chase will be BLUE (after all he is a cougar)

Pick the best ONE out of the four to describe you:


Detail conscious
A good listener
A party person

Always right (oh crap. not good)
Guilt prone

As a child I was
stubborn, bright, and aggressive
well-behaved, caring, and depressed
quite, easygoing, and shy
too talkative, happy and playful

If someone crosses me:
I am angered and cunningly plan ways to get even quickly
I feel deeply hurt and find it almost impossible to forgive completely. Getting even is not enough.
I am silently hurt and plan to get even or completely avoid the other person
I want to avoid confrontation, consider the situation not important enough to bother with, and seek other friends.

Work is:
A most productive way to spend one's time
A healthy activity, which should be done right if it's to be done at all. Work should be done before one plays.
A positive activity as long as it is something I enjoy and don't feel pressured to accomplish.
A necessary evil, much less inviting than play. 

When I fail, I feel:
Silently self-critical, yet verbally stubborn and defensive
Guilty, self-critical, and vulnerable to depression. I dwell on it.
Unsettled and fearful, but I keep it to myself
Embarassed and nervous. Seek to escape the situation

In an intimate relationship, if I feel threatened by my partner, I:
Fight back with facts and anger
Cry, feel hurt, and plan revenge
Become quite, withdrawn, and often hold anger until I blow up over some minor issue later
Distance myself and avoid further conflict

As you can see....... there are bound to be some issues.
But luckily, we have the key ingredients: love, trust, the right attitude, fun, the gospel, laughter, patience, endurance, hard work, spiritual guidance, etc. etc. etc.
Oh I'm so young... yet I'm filled with such wisdom- check back in with us in 20 years. I'll tell you all i've learned and all I was wrong about :) if i can admit it! Reds have a hard time admitting they're wrong ;) !!!!! we will be better than okay- we will be amazing!
i love chase so very much and love learning more about him- more to love <3 awwwww. tender!


Kelly said...

i hear the mission only made chase more tolerant.

Amanda said...

i feel like if Kyle and I took this test we would be complete opposites too

taryn said...

i'm puking right now!