Saturday, January 21, 2012

good deal

oh yesterday was such a beautiful day!! everyday is such a blessing. "oh what a blessing" as chase would say. he normally says it when something horrible is occurring or someone is in pain- but he has a point. no matter how horrible life is= we are still given this chance to live! it's better than not coming to live at all or dying before we're ready!!!
we all wanted to come to earth so it is a blessing. click here if that confused you.
anyways. so yesterday really was a blessing. not in the ironic, i'm trying to be positive when my life sucks kind of way. it really was great!!
i'll give you three reasons it was such a blessing!!
1. Milliekins time!!! Chase, Mills, and I spent the afternoon with my goddaughter and biff (biff is the phonetic sounding of bff)!!!
hahahah millie is sporting the schroeder, open-mouthed, stunned face!!! love it!

oh she was just eating everything and kept saying "more more" in sign language and with her words! what a cutie pie!!!

she had such a good, exhausting day!!!
what an angel!! 

2. Number two! I remembered I had completely filled out a Plato's Closet bonus card and could therefore get 20% off a purchase! It took some convincing for Chase to accompany me and support my decision to go (because we have a lot to be saving for and are trying to be frugal. it's a struggle for me. i am nervous for when reality is gonna hit me hard upside the head!) but no fear because yesterday's trip to Plato's in draper was worth it! very much so!!! why????? they're having a KILLER sale plus my 20% off..... so I got these FOUR items ALL for a total of only $8.98!!!! did you hear me? $8.98!!! yes that's right! you heard me right! $8.98!!!!!
just a fuzzy comfy zip up hoodie!

a peacoat

a cutie mc-cute cute scarf
and a wonderful windbreaker!!!

 CAN YOU BELIEVE THE DEAL? STEAL? SNAG? WONDERFULNESS OF A GOOD SALE!!! oh i love it! four legit items for $8.98!! i'd head over there if i was you!

3. third!!! a beautiful evening with my man and some of his crew!
so last night we were going to go rock climbing for $5 for a beautiful double date. that is another awesome deal...... oh wait....... half of the salt lake valley thought so too!! so we saw the long line, opted out, and went midnight bowling instead!!!
before that- just chase and i watched a french movie i bought the other day- it was hilarious and a good one! and i was happy and frustrated at how much french i knew and how much vocab i still need to learn!!! 
anyways. so we headed out for our double date with austin and brittnee after some snuggle movie time! 
i love making new friends (old friends to chase) and laughing and bowling (well actually i'm not the best bowling fan but i had fun last night. i beat chase one game so that was a bonus! he beat me the other two times for the record.) 
i just love having a ball! pun intended!
ps cool fact. Austin (and God's priesthood) baptized Brittnee a week and a half ago! Oh i love conversion! and love stories! and just God's hand in our lives!! Austin and Chase went to high school together. I loved hearing them share some good, embarrassing, hooligan, nostalgic stories!! They were crazy scoundrels! hahaha. I loved last night and all I learned!! 
Like Brittnee's cool story and her strong soul!! Brittnee came up to Westminster from Colorado (Colorado produces good women!) and now she goes to the U. I can't be upset that she is a ute.... because that's how she met Austin! I was outnumbered with U fans yesterday but I just clung to my Y waterbottle and tried to talk up the Y casually throughout the night! hahaha.
it doesn't really matter anymore because where does Chase go to school??? oh yeah that's right!! the Y!! so whenever I get too heated or the convo isn't going in my favor- i just throw that question out and it shuts the convo right up!!!
i can't wait to meet up with Austin and Brit again to play games! apparently brittnee is hardcore and good! we decided we will play boys vs girls and cream 'em!!! 

Austin and Brittnee.
Me and Chase! Chase is the one on the left (hahahahahahahaha reference to my Dad. I know I know, dad! No one likes to be ridiculed!!)

Ok well i really must shower, do homework, and get my life together! then some L&D time! then some dinner and Brian Reagan family time!!!! i LOVE Brian Reagan...... so i'm super duper uber stoked!!! I can't wait to laugh taboo-ishly loud and cause social discomfort to those around me as I cackle my loud boisterous laugh! Gosh, I cannot wait for Reagan!!!!

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Samantha Varvel said...

Millie looks so much like YOU! She is ADORABLE!